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  1. Hi, Do Jaspersoft/Talend commuintiy edition support CDC and scheduler with postgresql? If yes, is there any tutorial for the same? Thank you!
  2. I found alternative. Perhaps, its an hack. As, I have mentioned in my question that you cant have sub-dataset to single cell. To accomplish multiple queries in report use different tables with sub-datasets. Bottom line is that you can't have sub-datsets in Jasper iReport. -Thank you
  3. Just go to the table tab and customize accordingly text area. PLease find screen-shots for the same. Please let me know if someone is facing any issue on table/cells.
  4. Where you able to solve above problem. I am also looking for the same problem. Thanks,
  5. I wanted to increase cell size in table, is that possible? Do we have another alternative solution for the same. I am attaching screen-shots of my IDE. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you! Output of the report:
  6. I would like to create table in jasper iReport with every cells having different queries(data-sets). I am able to do by creating different tables with limiting to one cell and merging the multiple tables in Detail component. But looks like its not a optimal solution. In short, I wanted to fill each cell with different query in a given table. Is that possible? Following code is written for two data-sets for two different tables: FROM patientbill where id = 463 FROM patientbill where id = 463 Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you!
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