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  1. There are multiple chart types are available in Adhoc view like "Column and Bar", "Line and Area","Dual and Multi-Axis", "Time Series", "Scatter and Bubble" and "Pie". Now I wanted to display only "Column and Bar" and other options should be disabled, Any idea how to do this...? Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi, How to schedule a report using external script instead of going thru jasper server GUI. I'm using jasperserver 5.6.1
  3. Thanks!!!, It is working only for main query, but it is not working for table component ???
  4. I wanted to deployee the WAR file on linux machin without Jasper Server sample reports, I'm using Jasper Server 5.6.1
  5. Hello, When I'm exporting the adhoc view in excel format from jasperserver, its showing me some different sheet name which I don't want, So how do I change that and give my own sheet name ?
  6. I I have tried with all the steps mentioned in that link, but still I can't see that option to change the date format..
  7. how to convert 2,016.00 to 2016 in jasperserver in adhoc view (I'm using jaspersever 5.6.1)
  8. Thanks!!!, It is working only for main query, but it is not working for table component ???
  9. When we install the jasperserver, by default it will configure some tables in postgre db related with jasperserver public schema, so how can i get those table information in details like which table is containing what information along with fields description in jasperserver5.6.1
  10. Can u throw some more light on how this will work ? how we can add task from ETL (I'm using jasper ETL) ?
  11. Let's say my ETL job is running so after completion of ETL jobs I will have a table in my database which will be updated with the new status like "completed" , "failed" or "Pending" , if it is completed then only scheduling should start otherwise it should not, Is there any way to do that ?
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