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  1. When I put highcharts in the detail section of a report via Studio, they render fine for each detail row created from within studio and on the jaspersoft server, however, when we render the report via visualize.js in our application only the first high chart renders, none of the others do. It seems to have something to do with not finding the containers to render them in. Has anyone come across this issue?
  2. I have a catalog of reports created via studio that will be shared across multiple environment/production clients. Each client has their own mongoDb database. How can I dynamically change the data source a report is running against? It's not very scalable to have to create a seperate catalog for every single client.
  3. Currently, it seems Jaspersoft can only connect to the primary mongoDb server. Are there plans to allow connection to a secondary, or a full cluster with secondary readConcern? Or, is there a way to do this now?
  4. We have a client that has requested that the XLS, XLSX and CSV exports export only the raw data in table format, not the full report with it's graphics/charts/etc. To test this, I placed a table in the Summary band of my report and added the following property: <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.html.exclude.origin.band.1" value="summary"/> Then, for xls, xlsx and csv I hid all the bands but summary. This works, however, when I run the report to HTML, while it doesnt show the table, it still is taking up about 10 blank pages at the end of the report. How do I suppress the blank pages being created by the summary even when it's excluded from HTML?
  5. We recently created a 6.2 jaspersoft server on AWS. So far, everything has been working fine minus building dashboards. The actual UI to create the dashboard is messed up; i.e. windows on top of other windows, unable to make changes to settings, save not working properly, etc. Previously on 6.1 this worked fine. How can I fix the UI issues with the dashboard editor? Thanks.
  6. I have a report that has a height set to around 2000 pixels, which looks great when rendered in HTML as a continuos scroll. However, when I print the reports I want it to page break at specific elements so that it doesn't try to put all 2000 pixels on the same page. How do I insert page breaks in Jaspersoft Studio 6.2, I cannot find the ability in the palette. Thanks,
  7. I've been trying to update the animation of my highcharts to easeOutBounce easing. However, whenever I add the property the chart does not render the bars at all. Is this not supported in Jaspersoft? I'm adding the advanced property: plotOptions.series.animation.easing : 'easeOutBounce' Here is a fiddle example: http://jsfiddle.net/gh/get/jquery/1.7.2/highcharts/highcharts/tree/master/samples/highcharts/plotoptions/series-animation-easing/
  8. I have upgraded my studio version to 6.2 and am trying to take advantage of the new built in radial progress custom visualization. However, our aws server is still 6.0.2 until the marketplace releases the new version. I either get a jrxml error on deployment: org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: Invalid JRXMLat com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RESTv2ExceptionHandler.handleErrorDescriptorList(RESTv2ExceptionHandler.java:93)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RESTv2ExceptionHandler.handleErrorDescriptor(RESTv2ExceptionHandler.java:113)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RESTv2ExceptionHandler.handleException(RESTv2ExceptionHandler.java:57)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.ARestV2ConnectionJersey.toObj(ARestV2ConnectionJersey.java:52)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RestV2ConnectionJersey.addOrModifyResource(RestV2ConnectionJersey.java:490)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.ProxyConnection.addOrModifyResource(ProxyConnection.java:309)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.Publish.publishResources(Publish.java:186)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.Publish.publish(Publish.java:67)at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.wizard.Publish2ServerWizard$3.run(Publish2ServerWizard.java:302)at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:119)If I get it deployed, I get this: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 576; columnNumber: 195; schema_reference.4: Failed to read schema document 'http://www.jaspersoft.com/cvcomponent/component.xsd', because 1) could not find the document; 2) the document could not be read; 3) the root element of the document is not <xsd:schema>. Is it possible to deploy this custom visualization to a 6.0.2 server? Thanks
  9. I need to display images on my reports out of GridFS within our MongoDB database. I have tried many methods to no success. Has anyone had any success rendering an image from GridFS, if so, how did you do it?
  10. I am trying to make a cross tab that looks similar to this: sample 1sample 2UserPoints PossiblePoints AchievedUnansweredPercent ScorePoints PossiblePoints AchievedUnansweredPercent ScoreMy data is coming out of MongoDB and the points possible, points achieved, unanswered and percent score are being returned within a sub-document like this: "sample" : "1", "score" : { "pointsPossible" : NumberLong(68), "pointsAchieved" : 39.0, "unanswered" : NumberLong(0), "pctScore" : 0.5672 } How do I treat pointsPossible, pointsAchieved, unanswered and pct score as dynamic columns to add under each assessment in my cross-tab? Is this possible, or does the document structure in Mongo need to be changed to make this work?
  11. Would I apply this class to the chunk binary string or the filename from the files collection?
  12. I have profile pictures for users stored in GridFS within our MongoDB. I would like to display these images within my Jaspersoft Studio reports from MongoDB GridFS. I have tried a lot of various class types on both the binary field from the Mongo document and on my image in the report and continually get various errors. How do I display gridFS images on a jaspersoft report through studio (I'm using 6.1 currently)?
  13. We are using Jaspersoft AWS and building Ad Hoc Views/Reports. How can I add cascading filters to an Ad Hoc View? Example, we have a report where user picks teacher, class then test. When they pick a teacher, the class drop down should filter to only that teachers classes. Thanks.
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