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  1. Hello All, I've an internal web-application built in joomla and I'm using Visualize.js for embedding dashboards and reports. Now I want to Integrate authentication of Jasper(using Visualize.js) in my web application so that I will be able to provide role based access to users. Could any one please suggets me the Steps that need to be followed in order to achive this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello guys, I'm new to Jasper, I'm building a report and embedding it in my web application, which consist of List of names from my database, I want those names to be hyperlink so that if the user click on that name he must be able to view the details page about that person in my web application. Can some one please let me know is this feature possible ? TIA.
  3. Thank you Marianol and Hozawa for your support. @hozawa it's an AWS instance and html file is in another server and also I don't have any thing other than report. It's just a sample report that I was trying to create.
  4. Hello All, I have created one report in jasperserver. When I run this report in jasperserver admin panel, it is taking 90 seconds, but when the same report I am executing using visualize.js in my web page it is taking 5 minutes. So how can I reduce execution time in visualize.js ? TIA
  5. In case of regular text field/static fields the above solution works. But in case of cross tabs the same problem occurs since the structure is bit complex. could any one please suggest the solution. Thanks in advance.
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