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  1. Hi, thanks for your answer. I forgot to mention it works well in the java preview but when the report is exported through excel file not. It works well when I export the report to pdf format and also not working with word format. Regarding your post my rectangle configuration is sent to backward and it is more similar to the pink rectangle row number 25,26. There are a lot of element onto this rectangle. Maybe there is a jasper property to add in the jrxml file....
  2. Hi, I am using the community version of jasper.. I am trying to use some rectangle or frame jasper element and it works well when they are just added in report. However when those element are superimposed ( Order / Send to Backward ) they do not appear in the jasper xlsx export. Any idea of what I need to set up ? :)
  3. Hi, I running a query with numeric data and when the data are displayed in the excel file it shows as text. I have checked the data in the query and the data are numeric. I have add this property in the jrxml file but it doesn't change anything. <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.detect.cell.type" value="true"/> any idea ?
  4. hi all, I would like to generate multiple output xlsx file with parameter with only one jrxml file. I have 50 locations like Paris, London, etc. I'd wish pass all location in parameter field and the report should generate one report for each location. Is there any option to do it with group band, break page, report properties or schedule parameter sheet form ?
  5. A workaround could be to set a hudge high size for the page property. But the problem is that the number of row could fill all the page and jasper will create a new sheet for the page.
  6. Hi all, the option Ignore Pagination is disabled in my report. I also have inserted a break page in the footer and the header work with parameter. If the number of the row is up to 40 there is an automatic break page. The only break page I want to work in my report is the break element I have inserted in the footer.
  7. Hi Hozawa, thanks for your suggestion, I have added my own properties in the jrxml file and it works well now. I won't use the File Settings anymore as it still return to default value once I have uploaded my report
  8. I can't see the main property about my server report once I have uploaded it. Is there an option on server side from jasper studio to load the File Settings property from the local file ?
  9. I have just tried your suggestion by deleting the server file and publish again the report with my specific property. Before publish the report radio button for Use File Setting in Property window is enabled. Once I have published my report on server and when I get back on the Property window I can see enabled Use Workspace Property
  10. I am also wondering if it's not a problem about user credentials right ?!
  11. Maybe the solution is to publish the report first on the server side and then modifying the server report properties.
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