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  1. I am new to reporting tools and have little idea about it's usage. I read the articles related to the JasperReports and found out that i need to include JasperReports library in my project to make a customize application. I have some confusion about it. I want to integrate this Jasper Reports library into my MongoDB Database. I read that i need to use Mongodb Connector for this purpose. The questions are 1) Jasper Reports library is written in Java, so is it necessary to include this java library only in java projects?. I am thinking to write C/C++ applications, so can i use this .jar library is my visual studio projects? Like, i want to quer mongoDB with C/C++ driver's query. 2) Does Mongo Connector are necessary to be installed to use JasperReports library or Mongo Connector are only necessary for using Jasper Studio? Thanks
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