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  1. I would like to create a hierarchical category (like Country -> State -> Suburb) that a user can use when building reports (using Report Server Ad Hoc report builder). Is this possible? I know that the user can manually drag in country then state then suburb but it would be convenient just to have 1 dimension. This would ideally then deal with drill downs in charts (is this being too optimistic?)
  2. Do not put reports in spans. Use DIV elements. This fixed my issue, sorry.
  3. I'm trying to inject reports into divs but the report is totally ignoring all my attempts at forcing width/height. The Visualize.js API docs have nothing on this either. Howe can I force a chart to stay within the bounds of its container? Or how do I set the size of a report using reports server ad-hoc report builder? Tnx
  4. It turns out that creating filters in ad-hoc builder on reports server renames the filter. So if you add a filter named "age" then it is actually called "age_1". This was the problem, I was passwing params: {'age':[100]} where it should have been age_1. Tnx
  5. I created an ad-hoc view that has a parameter. Saved it as a report but when I try to run this report using visualize.js it does not accept my params. It just runs the report with the last set of parameters saved in the ad-hoc view. Tnx
  6. Using any of the integration options? I.e. Rest API, Visualise.js, etc? I don't even mind using IFrames if we can get around the user having to re-authenticate. A bit of background; we have a web application that we are adding reporting to. I would love to give users the ability to: - Create adhoc reports/charts - Save them as public or private (this could map to different folders under the jasper covers) - Have a menu where the user can see all public and their own private ad-hoc report And ideally all of this without ever leaving the existing web application. Thanks Guido Tapia
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