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  1. Hi all, So after looking at the suggested answers, it seems like the .split method offered by Sandra is the most point on solution, since the _R## value may or may not exist. However, the issue I've encountered is that the report is using a $V (variable) instead of a $F (field), so the expression field isn't available. I tried appending the .split method right onto the $V in the report detail and that didn't work, so I started poking around in the XML and found this: <variable name="ItemNum" class="java.lang.String"> <variableExpression><![CDATA[($F{KITPARENTLINE} == null ? "" : " ") + ($F{PRODUCTNUM} == null || $F{PRODUCTNUM.split("_")[0]}.length() < 1 ? "" : ($F{CUSTOMERPARTNUM} == null || $F{CUSTOMERPARTNUM}.length() < 1 || !$P{IncludeCustomerPartNumbers} ? $F{PRODUCTNUM.split("_")[0]} : $F{PRODUCTNUM.split("_")[0]} + " (" + $F{CUSTOMERPARTNUM} + ")"))]]></variableExpression> The above results in a compilation error, so obviously not the correct approach. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I just got thrown into this project and am really unfamiliar with Jasper reports (and report writers in general). How should I proceed?
  2. Hi all, I am trying to modify an existing jasper report that is used in our Fishbowl Inventory (Firebird database). One of the fields returned from the SQL query will return a value that is a alphanumeric part number which may or may not be suffixed with an _R## value (where ## will be a 2 digit number). An example would be 395521_R75 or 594TIMB543_R25, etc. When we display this value in the final report, we want to truncate the _R## value and only display the 395521, 594TIMB543, etc. Is there a way to accomplish this with iReports 5.6.0 ?
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