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  1. Thanks you for your responsiveness, this is exactly what I was looking for ! Nonetheless, the whole rebuild process is quite long, making incremental testing of small modifications tedious ... The smalles possible modification (for example just quoting a line in a JS file) requires 20 minutes to be tested (10 min rebuild + 10 min to upload the whole directory as we don't know wich files have been updated). Is there a way to only rebuild the necessary files (those impacted by a modification) ?
  2. Since 5.6, JasperSoft uses the require.js library to optimize javascript performance, by merging and compressing js files. In previous versions of JasperSoft, I used to change some js files, and those changes were considred. But since 5.6 and the JS optimization, I didnt manage to make those changes effective as the js files I used to edit are not used anymore by JasperSoft. I tried to directly edit the files in the "optimized-script" directyory but once again those files are not used. By digging around with firebug i managed to understand that there is some "merged and compressed" js files used. Those files don't take my changes in the originals JS files in consideration alought I clear cache. If I edit them directly, it works. But according the situation, different "merged and compressed" js file are used (sometimes "optimized-script/home/homePage.js, sometimes results.js, ...) , and it is quite difficult to edit all of them, especially when those are are minimized / compressed file. The new javascript optimizer mecanism is quite difficult to understand, and i didn't see anything about it in the docs. I'm looking for a way to "recompile" the javascript files from the original sources (those in the /scripts directory) with require.js. I tried to install node.js and require.js on my debian distribution, and to "recompile" using the "build.js" file in the script directory. But i'm getting some errors. The config file used is quite complicated ... I guess JasperSoft Server probably have an embeded node.js, and I hope there is a way to regenerate the optimized js files from the original sources. Did someone find a way, or have an idea of how to do this ? Best regards.
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