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  1. I have some cascading input controls setup on my report. Data is customer specific and the 'master' control they can use is restricted based on their login. If we call the main control master1 and the two slave controls slave1 and slave2, slave1 and slave2 are populated based on the value of master1. If I deselect the value in master1 then the $X{IN, column, master1} control evaluates to {0=} (true) and the WHERE filtering is useless and all results are returned. Is it possible to invert this behaviour and make it so a null value in master1 means nothing is populated in slave1 and slave2? master1slave1slave2AjohnutahAsteveniowaBfrankohioBkellynew york So if A is selected in master1 then slave1 has choices of john and steven and slave2 has choices of utah and iowa. Similar for master2 being B - slave1/slave2 = frank and kelly/ohio and new york. If I don't select A or B in master1 then slave1 and slave2 have all available choices so john,steven,frank,kelly and utah,iowa,ohio,new york. All inputs are multi select checkboxes and java.util.Collection types.
  2. Hi, I want to generate a report through the REST api that is not paginated for the html output and then paginated for pdf. If I run an asynchronous report and send through the relevant parameters (including ignorePagination : true) then I can generate the non paginated html version. But if I then go and request an exported pdf version with no pagination then it ignores the ignorePagination : false option and just returns one gigantic page for a pdf. This is what I send through the api. If I have ignorePagination : true in the original request object then it returns a non-paginated pdf. POST http://<host>:<port>/jasperserver[-pro]/rest_v2/reportExecutions/myRequestID/exports/{ "outputFormat": "pdf", "ignorePagination" : false}[/code]Similarly, if I have ignorePagination : false in the original request and ignorePagination : true in the export request I then get back a paginated pdf. Is this a bug with 5.6.1 or am I doing something wrong? If it is a bug then is it fixed in 6? I don't think I am doing anything wrong as I can request say Pages 8 and 9 of a report in the pdf only using the "pages" property but ignorePagination just doesn't seem to work at all. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is it possible to encrypt hidden input controls passed into a jasper report? I have a report with multiple sub reports, one of those subreports needs to access a new db which has a dynamic name (I'm using mongodb) so I need to create a new mongodb connection midway through the report. Right now I have it like this <connectionExpression><![CDATA[new com.jaspersoft.mongodb.connection.MongoDbConnection("mongodb://My.Ip.Address.27017/"+$P{databaseName}", "myUsername "myPassword")]]></connectionExpression> but that's not really very secure at all. Also, if the connection info changes then I gotta go in to anywhere that creates that new connection and edit it accordingly (which is in a few reports) so I thought that it would be best to create the ipaddress, username and password in a hidden input control somewhere and then create a referenced input control in any report that requires a new db connection but my worry is that then they would be passed in plaintext (eg the rest api returns all values). Is there a way to encrypt them? Another option would be to create a jar and use it to update a variable in the report I suppose but I'm curious to see if you can do it the way I said. Thanks!
  4. I added the .jar to a folder I called Report Resources/Fonts and then added a reference to that .jar to my report unit. Then in JS Studio, the added font should appear in the Font dropdown above the 'line' (in with SansSerif and DejaVu etc)....that seems to be same as what you've done so maybe try with a reference instead of the font (downside is you'd have to add it to every project). One thing I did note is you have the isBold check set to true but your "HelveticaNeueLTCom-Th.ttf" is added to the regular field (so your bold field is null). I assume you have the bold/italic/bold-italic ttf files as well though?
  5. Add #,##0.00 to the Pattern field in your Text Field Properties. Or in the jrxml like.... <textField isStretchWithOverflow="true" pattern="#,##0.00">[/code]
  6. I got it working but I had to write a new function in the wrapper. public function setCascadingInputControls($uri, $controls, $payload) { // $controls is masters;active;slaves/ $url = $this->restUrl2 . '/reports' . $uri . '/inputControls/' . $controls . '/values'; $data = $this->service->prepAndSend($url, array(200), 'POST', $payload, true, 'application/json', 'application/json'); // Can use the InputControl createFromJSON() function as structure is the same. //print($data); return InputControl::createFromJSON($data); }[/code]The $controls object has to be defined as follows : "masterDependencies;currentControlSelected;slaveDependencies"The $payload object has to be an array of objects with the key as the control id and the value as (a possible array of) the selected option(s).
  7. Hi, I'm trying to support as many languages as possible in my reports (we have clients worldwide) and, while fonts are being displayed correctly on my html, docx, xls, csv etc exports, the pdf output just shows blank characters where the font doesn't support the characters (particularly Chinese). I can get it to display Chinese characters if, for example, I import the Arial Unicode MS font but there's no bold, italic or bold-italic variations of that font so I can't use that. I've tried using the Google Noto fonts which would solve my problem but I can't figure out how to make the pdf exporter choose from multiple fonts to select the right character. Is there any capability within Jaspersoft Studio to do this? What I'm talking about is similar to the CSS font-family tag - i.e: { font-family: "Times New Roman", Georgia, Serif;}[/code]I was reading about font locales but I want to have the capability of displaying multiple languages in a single report - not choosing the font to serve based on the user's location. (e.g. one of our clients uses Latin and Chinese characters in the same labels). Is there something simple that I'm missing? Is there a way to simulate the bold, italic and bold-italic fonts with Arial Unicode MS similar to how you would do it in Word?
  8. Hi, I can call reports with parameterised input controls from jasperserver in my php without any problems but what I can't figure out how to do is implement cascading input controls properly. For example, say I have I/P Control A with values of A1, A2 and I/P Control B with values of A1b1 and A1b2 if I/P Control A has A1 selected or values of A2b1 and A2b2 if I/P Control A has A2 selected. I cannot get this to replicate in the php api. I/P Control A will generate with A1 and A2 and I/P Control B will generate with A1b1 and A1b2 (ie the A1 values) but I can't force it to reload to A2b1 and A2b2 if A2 is selected. Has anyone figured this out? I've looked at the Input Control JSON structure and there is a field called "slaveDependencies" but I can't figure out how to take advantage of that. How can I call an input control to regenerate based on the value of its master control? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok, so you need to follow these 3 steps: Add the jaspersoft mongodb driver jar to your build path (under project->properties->java build path->add external jar).Include this code in your jrxml - <import value="com.jaspersoft.mongodb.connection.*"/>Your subreport expression will be like this <connectionExpression><![CDATA[new com.jaspersoft.mongodb.connection.MongoDbConnection("mongodb://x.x.x.x:27017/xxx", "username", "password")]]></connectionExpression>Hope that helps!
  10. Does anybody know if the query option in MapReduce for MongoDB is supported in 5.6?
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