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  1. We are unable to find proper resource or source code for input controls. Please post the Resource descriptor fror input control and sub report. Thanks in advance.
  2. hi, I have used the same code mentioned above but am getting java.lang.Exception: 1 - jsexception.resource.of.type.not.found can you please suggest what to do
  3. Hi Do any one of you know how to publish report with datasource, reportunit, input control and subreport for report to jasper server. We are strugling while writing report input controls and sub report to server. The server response is always a bad request. If you have any source code please share to implement my project. Thanks
  4. hi sarithatn, did u find any sample. can u forward me if u find any answer. i need to add subreports and input controls using webservices
  5. Hi We are trying to develop a web application which includes jasper server. Here is sample code for datasource and jrxml creation ResourceDescriptor jdbcDescriptor = new ResourceDescriptor(); jdbcDescriptor.setWsType(ResourceDescriptor.TYPE_DATASOURCE_JDBC); jdbcDescriptor.setPassword("root"); jdbcDescriptor.setUsername("root"); jdbcDescriptor.setConnectionUrl("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database"); jdbcDescriptor.setDriverClass("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); rd.getChildren().add(jdbcDescriptor); ResourceDescriptor jrxmlDescriptor = new ResourceDescriptor(); jrxmlDescriptor.setWsType(ResourceDescriptor.TYPE_JRXML); jrxmlDescriptor.setName("test_jrxml"); jrxmlDescriptor.setLabel("Main jrxml"); jrxmlDescriptor.setDescription("Main jrxml"); jrxmlDescriptor.setIsNew(true); jrxmlDescriptor.setHasData(true); jrxmlDescriptor.setMainReport(true); rd.getChildren().add(jrxmlDescriptor); can you please give an idea how to add subreport to main report and how to add input controls . thanks
  6. Man can you please tell me how can i start v2 using java. Explain step by step if possible.
  7. Hi Thomas Zimmer. Can you please give us the code for report creation in jasperserver using rest_v2. We are unable to create the ReportUnit for the report.
  8. can you please provide a sample how to use RESTV2 resource services. how to call xml file in a java program and where to input the path of jrxml,input control and datasource present in resources folder of my project..thanks a lot in advance
  9. Thanks for quick repsonse. We are trying to create the report unit as well as report(.jrxml) but we failed to create report unit. Only .jrxml file is uploaded to server. That is why .jrxml file treated as a simple file by jasperserver. We are using eclipse to develop our web application and java is used for handling the reporting. Can please give proper explaination for my problem. Thanks.
  10. Hi.... We are trying to create a report in jasper server using rest api. But the report is exporting as simple file insted of .jrxml. How can we achive this problem?
  11. Hi , Iam new to JasperServer. I am working on a web application that uses jasperserver to display reports clientside. We are using JPAContainer to retrieve values from database and we want to use these retrieved values to fill values through ReportDataSourceService as well as we would like to publish the report to jasperserver 5.5. But problem is that we use Entity manager to connect with database. While creating the data adapter an error ( javax.persistence.PersistenceException: No Persistence provider for EntityManager named application) occured. How can we resolve that error. Can someone suggest (step by step process) me how to add JPA as a data adaptor for jasperreport . We are provoiding persistance.xml and java code.
  12. hi, iam also facing same problem.did u get any solution.
  13. When i call jasper report url its not getting loaded to client browser. Do we need to install external jasperserver .exe file or what we need inorder to get reports at client. I think we need to use Jaspersoft REST Web Service API. Can suggest the API download link please.
  14. Hi ... I need small help from you. We are developing a web application. We would like to use jasper server to view reports in client machine. How can we achive it. Problem statement : "Client sholud allowed to open reports and should download them whenever he access the server." Urgent need.
  15. Hi every one. I am very irritated by jasperserver for my web application. Tried tried tried .... Developing a web application but jasperserver was not working. I am expecting proper answer that solve my problem. Can any one give proper answer for problem. My problem is "How can we display a report for client whenever user access the server?" Thanks and Regards
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