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  1. Here you go: http://liferay-blogging.blogspot.com/2016/08/migrating-vom-ireport-to-jasper-studio.html
  2. Hi everyone, I have implemented the JRDataSourceProvider Interface to deliver JRFields to my report. I am using this method: public JRField[] getFields(JasperReport arg0) [/code] I want to create a dynamic JRDataSourceProvider and therefore I need the query language, that I can set in the "Dataset and Query ..." dialog. Unfortunately I almost always get old data when I use String language = arg0.getQuery().getLanguage();[/code] to get the query language. It needs several refreshes and Project-> clean calls for me to get the correct query language. Did I do something wrong ? Is there any other way to get the correct query language ?
  3. Hi Everyone, we have been using iReport for very long and now we switched to Jasper Studio. Everything is fine - except that we don´t know how to specify a Fields Provider in Jasper Studio. Does anyone know how to specify a Fields Provider in Jasper Studio ? best regards !! :) Daniel
  4. Hi - thanks a lot !!! I have now added my Query Executor. Could you also help me and tell me how to add a Fields Provider ? In iReport it was pretty easy, but in Jasper Studio I can´t find the way to specify it ... Best regards, Daniel :)
  5. Hello Everyone, we´ve made the transitiion from iReport to Jasper Studio. The one thing that I can´t seem to find is a way to specify QueryExecutors and my Fields Provider JAR. Could you tell me how to configure my Jasper Studio so that I can specify Query Executors and include my fields provider JAR ? Best regards, Daniel
  6. I took all JARs that I´ve found in the Library download available on the Jasper homepage (dist package). Are there any more JARs that I need to add ?
  7. i have the following strange issue: I want to create a report that shows all Roles in my (liferay) portal. This works perfectly fine in iReport : I see the roles and all their data. As soon as I want to use the JasperReports Library to create a PDF out of it, the whole table disappears : It is not shown in the resulting PDF file. Everything else is shown. So it´s not a blank page but a page that is completely missing the table and its content. There is no error and no exception.
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