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  1. I downloaded the sources for JasperSoft Studio CE 6.13_ce from https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/jaspersoft-studio-ce, unpacked it, and then: $ cd aggregator$ mvn clean package Unforturnately, this eventually fails with: [ERROR] The build could not read 2 projects -> [Help 1][ERROR] [ERROR] The project com.jaspersoft.studio.community-edition:plugins:6.13.0.final (/home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/pom.xml) has 3 errors[ERROR] Child module /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/../../net.sf.jasperreports of /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/pom.xml does not exist[ERROR] Child module /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/../../net.sf.jasperreports.doc of /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/pom.xml does not exist[ERROR] Child module /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/../../net.sf.jasperreports.samples of /home/jonc/work/jaspersoft-studio-ce/aggregator/plugins/pom.xml does not exist Sure enough, when I look at the unpackaged sources on the top directory, the modules: net.sf.jasperreports, net.sf.jasperreports.doc and net.sf.jasperreports.samples do not exist in the tar.gz file, nor on the github project page. Where are the missing sources?
  2. Hi, I've checked out the sources for JasperSoft Studio 6.1.0 final; and I'm attempting to build the Eclipse plugin using maven. After fiddling with aggregator/pom.xml to use the online repositories instead of a local one , it is currently failing with: Can anyone help me resolve this? Cheers--Jonathan Chen
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