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  1. Is this the right approach to pass TableModelDataSource as parameter to subreport via master report JRTableModelDataSource tds1=new JRTableModelDataSource(new CustomTableModel()); JRTableModelDataSource tds2=new JRTableModelDataSource(new CustomTableModel_sr()); Map parameters = new HashMap(); parameters.put("P_subreport_ds1",tds1 ); parameters.put("P_subreport_ds2",tds2 ); The problem i am facing is when i create parameter for the above in ireport developer, it has datatypes of collections,array list or JREmptydatasource which does not fit for the above and hence throws class cast exception.. Please suggest
  2. I have a Master Report and 4 sub reports say A,B,C and D. Data in sub report A does not repeat. Data in sub report B repeats dynamically. Data in sub report C is a Table layout repeats dynamically I am using TablelModelDatasource to populate the data from jswing application. Question:How do i pass different TableModeldatasource say DS1,DS2,DS3,DS4 to sub report A,B,C, D individually. At the moment , i tried the below options. 1. Passing master report datasource to sub reports. Problem : Sub Report B did not have any data to print. 2.Passed the same datasource using the below method to sub report A and B JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile("masterreport.jasper", parameters, new JRTableModelDataSource(new CustomTableModel())); JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile("subreportB.jasper", parameters, new JRTableModelDataSource(new CustomTableModel())); Unable to resolve this. please suggest.
  3. Ajinkya, thanks for your time. I will try once explaining the requirement. If you refer to demo_report.docx attachment enclosed as a part of my first post. This the layout which will be part of the final report. Page 2 - No repeatation of data Page 3 - The Layout has to appear for each row of data Page 4 - Multiple rows in a single table. All the data comes from application not from database. Hence i am not sure the concept of grouping could work here. Please suggest.
  4. Just to confirm your approach for solution (A). I have attached the template of my report. See page (3) - I need the section starting sub header (A) to (F). The problem i am facing is for every row of data, the entire report iterates rather than page (3) section only. Same issue for solution (B)on page (4). Word doc is attached to the question post.
  5. Need assistance in the below scenarios for repeating data. A) Repeating section for every row of data ---------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------| field1 | field2 | field3 | ---------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------| B) Repeat data in a single section ---------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------| A X 1 B Y 2 C Z 3 ---------------------|--------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------| The data comes from the application and the above format needs to be generated in a single report. Please suggest approach for the same.
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