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  1. I have one jasper report in which one image field in which data is coming from data base (PostgreSQL) base On Condition when i run report it give eroor ProcessError Failed to render report. I had changed fields Calss to java.io.InputStream i am attached screenshot and XML file of jasper report
  2. STYLE NO SIZEWEIGTHMATERIALRATEUOMPROCESSRATEUOMWMSF13/10170X180125.000KNBLDY032/102100EachReady Printed fabric100Each KNMODY032/4450.00EachPackaging and labeling200Each KNBLADD032/10260EachFabrication300Each Putting-out system400Each Prefabrication500EachMy Requiement Is Like That In Jasper......... in This for 1 Style No Multiple Material and Process Is there and some time 5 Material and 2 process for 1 Style No..it's depand on Style..Data Repetation Not allwoed...i.e no need to repeat same Stype No For every Row.. And My Data Base Sturcture Style NO Come Form Parent Table And Materail and Process From Child Table...
  3. I want to Display specify number of rows which must be shown in every page of my report. If the number of fetched rows from datasource is less than amount required to fill page height, I want to fill remaining space with blank rows. For example, if 10 rows can displayed in every page & there are only 5 rows of data which fetched from datasource, then I want to print 5 empty rows after last printed row.And if there are 25 rows of data then it will be print 3 pages..records (rows) 1-10 on 1st page, records (rows)10-20 2nd page ,records (rows) 20-25 3rd page
  4. in cross tab there is properties data is pre-shorted but when i checked that option i got java heap error..
  5. thanx for reply It Will return like that...... ABC EFG Result Required 500 0 0 500 15743 0 0 16243 2000 0 0 18243 2000 0 0 20243 150 0 0 20393 5772 0 0 26165 110 0 0 26275 0 110 0 26165 0 200 0 25965 0 5772 0 20193 0 20193 40386 0
  6. for eg : in first row i got Total=200 in next line (500+(total)-300)=400) then next((0+(Total=400))-100)=300 then ((700+(total=300))-200)=800 then ((200+(total=800))-0)=1000
  7. thanx for reply i already try that but it will return row wise total but i want cumulative sum of tow column.....
  8. how to do sum in ireport for example I have two column from query i got column (ABC,EFG) in ireport i used Detail Band..i want to total field ABC EFG Total 200 0 200 500 300 400 0 100 300 700 200 800 200 0 1000
  9. thanks for reply . in my query i already done too much calculation for getting one column. and in i-report i creating one variable that sum of that column. and i want to apply function on that variable . so where i write java method for calculation.
  10. i have on column in ireport i create one veriable i want to apply one fuction on that is it possible.....??????
  11. i want to capture one-to-many relationship..
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