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  1. I don't think it's possible in the community edition via the domain security, but on individual report you can do by means of a custom profile attribute of the LOGGED_IN_USER.
  2. Did you try using the book - object in JasperSoft Studio. It has a ToC object. The numbering I think you'll have to create yourself, in the SQL statement or with variables.
  3. What database are you using ? Can't you do this in the SQL statement ? Most probably SQL and your database will be faster then JasperSoft and Java (or Groovy).
  4. Isn't it correct, if a query returns 2 detail records for 1 group, the detailed band is repetad twice. You'll have to add both sub-reports to the group footer.
  5. $X{IN,} is by default an optional parameter ... So in case you do not select any value in your parameter on the server, it will return all records.
  6. That's a weird construction. $X{IN, ...} is used in a SQL statement where clause, to be able to filter for possibly multiple values. In case you would like to verify if a parameter is a given value, I would use the normal where cluase syntax: where $P{someParameter} = 'SomeValue'
  7. What version of JasperSoft Studio are you using. When you save the report in JasperSoft Studio and it automatically publishes the report to JasperServer as well, it overwrites expressions for subreports, images, ... You have to make sure you do not overwrite those while publishing. How do you deploy from local DEV to PRD ? I would suggest you do it by using the export/import functionality in JasperServer ... It will automatically copy your DEV structure to the PRD server as well ... You only need to be aware if you also export and import the dependencies, on PRD your datasource connections will be overwritten.
  8. You need to add that extra information in your total column.
  9. How do you connect to JasperServer ? What API are you using ? Normally you should be able to send Username and Password to JasperServer ... Unless you enabled anonymous access, you should be doing so already ... If not you cannot acces Jasperserver. SO it would be a question of implementing some extra code in your Oracle Forms
  10. Did you set your bookmark level on the 'Bookmark' fields ? Are your bookmark fields Level 1 grouped ? The TOC is generated based on the vertical flow of the report. For each occurence of a bookmark in the report, a TOC entry is generated. So you need to make sure your ToC entries for level 1 appear only once in the report.
  11. Have you uploaded your header - subreports in JasperServer as jrxml files ? Right-click in the headers folder on one of the jrxml files, and select the "Properties" menu-item You need to make sure the path-info matches exactly to the "repo:..." syntax, including capitals. It might you have to omit any .jrxml, .jasper extension.
  12. Are you using a date or a datetime ? What Query syntax are you using ? date between $P{p_Start} and $P{p_End}$X{BETWEEN,date,p_Start,p_End}
  13. All, I was able to create a number of CVC elements based on d3.js (v4) and a local js file ... But lately more advanced projects have been created on unpkg.com. Anyone any idea how we can use those in JasperSoft Studio to create Custom Vizualisations ? Regards,
  14. Make sure the result set is ordered on SI No. - Order By - Product - Colour Create 4 groups on SI No. - Order By - Product - Colour Put all your fields in the group header of Colour Uncheck 'Print repeated' values for fields SI No. - Order Num - Order date - Order By - Product Indicate 'Print when group changes' SI No. -> SI No. Order Num -> SI No. Order Date -> SI No. Order By -> Order By Product -> Product That should do the trick ...
  15. Hi, my apologies. I overlooked your remark. You can put these conditions in aconditional style. First create a regular style, then right click on that regular style entry and select 'add conditional style'. In the conditional style you'll then have the opportunity to add a conditional style expression and provide some extra style information like for instance a different color.
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