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  1. Hello I'm new of JasperETL and I have a question I need to invoke a Web Service and so I need to declare it as Metadata --> WSDL --> Schema (similar to the job I do to create a DB Schema name). But I have some issues. There is a way to "retrieve" automatically the method (message) and arguments (input and output message) lists and related type ? If when I declare a DB Schema, I can use the "Retrieve Schema" action, I haven't found a similar action for WSDL. So I was forced to manually declare the method/operation name and related arguments... If one of my args is a complex type... how can I declare it ? of a generic Object type? Usually a WS Operation is composed by input and output message... I must declare both under the same schema def ? If I push the "Guess" button it says "sucessful" but nothing is retrieved... Can someone help me to understand how to use a WS please? I attach my WSDL file Thank You Roberto
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