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  1. Hi, I have columnline chart in JasperSudio 6.3. that shows too many series. Data is in below format. I need to show Valuation A on secondary chart and rest on primary. How can series that have only null data be removed from chart? DateValuationValueMarketValue2016-03-31A-2002016-03-31B175 2016-03-31C500 2016-06-30A 2102016-06-30B670 2016-06-30C550 2016-09-30A 2002016-09-30B600 2016-09-30C550
  2. Hi, We are definitely using Color Pallete. Works fine in MultiAxis chart <hc:chartProperty name="colors"><hc:propertyExpression><![CDATA[java.util.Arrays.asList("#7A94BD","#2A7CB7","#234262","#B37174",...")]]></hc:propertyExpression></hc:chartProperty>
  3. Hi, I'm sure someone had to deal with this case as it's very common business requirement. But I could not find any articles or answers. We have data in relational data source prepared at month level for each asset. On the asset dimension data needs to be summed up, but on the calendar dimension we need last value (can be average, if that's easier). It's easy to do that in Studio report, but we need to expose this data through Domain and Ad-Hoc designer. May someone has similar experience? Year2013 2013 TotalGrand TotalQuarter1 1 Total2 2 Total Asset | Month123 456 434642004004004004004005005005005004347157000570005700057000510005100057000570005700057000Grand Total57200574005740057400514005140057500575005750057500
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