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  1. I was not able to use your suggestion. The jasperreports.properties file gets overridden. I posted my resolution below. If you know how I can make it work using the jasperreports.properties file I would prefer to do it that way, it looks a lot simpler. I tried commenting out the lines of code in the applicationContext.xml file but when I did jasperserver would not reboot. I am sure there is something else that I need to comment out further up the chain but as it is working for now I will leave that for another day. Thanks for your help.
  2. The above answer would not work the applicationContext.xml overrides jasperreports.properties. I finally got it to work by using in the applicationContext.xml. <bean id="csvExportParameters" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.engine.jasperreports.common.CsvExportParametersBean"> <property name="fieldDelimiter" value=","/> </bean>[/code] Changed to <bean id="csvExportParameters" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.engine.jasperreports.common.CsvExportParametersBean"> <property name="fieldDelimiter" value=" "/> </bean>[/code]
  3. My question is how can I change the delimiter in my jasperserver file exports. It is the customary "," now and I want to change that to a tab. I want to make this change globally within my server not individually for each report if I can. I have searched and found several answers but none seem to work for me. The various solution mainly talked about making the change for specific reports not globally. The other solutions were for iReports not Jasperserver. I am running jasper server 4.7 on tomcat 6 within ubuntu 10.04. One solution that got me the closest talked about changing the file applicationContext.xml. When I go into that file and change the line below "," to "something else it works". The problem is that I can't find the proper way to represent a tab. If I do "t" it comes out literal. If I change it to any number of other xml entities that I have found for tab the server will not restart. If I actually do "then hit the tab key" it puts " for some reason. <bean id="csvExportParameters" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.engine.jasperreports.common.CsvExportParametersBean"> <property name="fieldDelimiter" value=","/> </bean>[/code][/code]
  4. Thanks for the reply, you are exactly right with the input control. I had just figured that out after reading a lot of posts on the forums and hadn't had time to post that I had figured it out. I know I am a newbie to some of this but their dos not seem to be much if any documentation on this particular subject. As for the concat field, I am refering to a field that has been created by the concat or group concat command in mysql. This problem has also been fixed it had to do with an update in my DB, complete newbie mistake.
  5. Hopefully this is not a double post. If so please disregard. My problem is that reports that I am building in Ireports are not working once transferred to jasperserver. I am using version 4 for both jasperserver and ireports. I am either getting an exception error or a blank report once on jasperserver. I do have an input parameter on one report in ireports and it is not asking for an input once on the jasperserver. I have also gotten an error that says unrecognised field. The field it can't recognise is a concat filed. The field and report both work fine in ireports. Please let me know if there is some other info that I can provide for someone to help. Thanks Post Edited by twinkiejr1001 at 02/28/2011 18:50
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