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  1. Hi, The jrxml file is just the file used for development. The JaspersReport engine uses the compiled file (.jasper) for processing the report. iReport automatically compile the jrxml file before executing the jasper file itself. I guess the $P{SUBREPORT_DIR} parameter defaults to the same directory as the master report like this "". If you haven't done yet maybe you need to set this parameter to "../../subreports" first. Personally I just use the relative path directly as the suberport expression, reffering to the relative location of the .jasper file.
  2. Hi, looks like you are calling the .jrxml file in the expression. You need to call the compiled .jasper file. (../../subreports/reportName.jasper). Hope this can help you.
  3. Try this in the subreport expression: "../../subreports/reportName.jasper"
  4. Hi, I'm just started using JasperReports and using it with the iReport plugin for Netbeans IDE. In my reports I like to perform calculations beyond simple arithmetics locally in the report file. I want to access my calculations in static methods in a java class located in the same package as the application that is producing the reports. I can't seem to find out how to call these static methods from the variable expression. I would like to do something like this: "comp.reg.reporting.UtilMethods.calculateSomething($F{val1, $F{val2})", where the "comp.reg.reporting.UtilMethods" is the full package path for the static method "calculateSomething()". How would I formulate the variable expression and how to organize the static method class path to be able to call the method and use the returned value in the expression?
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