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  1. Hi All, Can i create this with crosstab, here is my sample report: EDUCATION AGE CERTIFICATE TOTAL 01 03 00 04 80 50 130 05 30 20 50 TOTAL 110 70 180 01 04 20 20 40 05 10 20 30 06 60 60 120 TOTAL 90 100 190 Is it possible to do it under crosstab? the reason why i choose crosstab is because CERTIFICATE COLUMN it's dynamic, it can have a value more than 2 (01, 03, 05, 07, 08, etc..) so it's dynamic column. i can solved it. But i have 1 big problem, how to create TOTAL more than 1 in crosstab? is it possible to do it? Please let me know for this. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi All, I want to create this layout from IReport: Column A Column B Column C Column D (D1) Column D (D2) Column D (D3) Column Dn (Dynamic) A1 Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3+.... until Dn ) Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3) D1 Value D2 Value D3 Value Dn Value A2 Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3+.... until Dn) Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3) D1 Value D2 Value D3 Value Dn Value A3 until An (Dynamic) Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3+.... until Dn) Total of all D value (D1+D2+D3) D1 Value D2 Value D3 Value Dn Value Total B Total C Total D1 Total D2 Total D3 Total Dn (Dynamic) - Column A have a dynamic row under of it means it's value can be A1 .... until An. - Column B count all of value from D1 .... until Dn - Column C only count several column from D, means only count like D1 to D3 - All of Column D it's dynamic so it can shrink or grow depends on how much data in database, for column D header it's dynamic also the value can be (Column D1 to Column Dn) depends on how much data in database also I'm using crosstab for this layout so i can easyly make Column A and all of Column D dynamic, but i dont know how to create Column B and Column C. I try to add another columnGroup and create new DataSet for this and then include it on crosstab subdataset but i got a message like Field not found, can crosstab have 2 dataset? I'm right using crosstab for this problem? if i'm not what is your suggestion for this? Thanks
  3. Do you know what is the URL for List component tutorial? i found a strange thing with this, why i cant print it horizontal if I'm on sum calculation query, if I'm just do select operation and put the result field inside the list it works perfectly. Thanks,
  4. Hi All, Do you know is it possible to pass some parameter from List to List Or from List to MainReport? In my case is like this: 1) i have two list named listA and listB 2) I want to pass a value that i get from listA to listB Is it possible? Thanks
  5. Hi, I can make it horizontal using List component, but i have to put some number into item width first, what is the function of item width?
  6. Hi All, refering to this thread : http://jasperforge.org/plugins/espforum/view.php?group_id=83&forumid=101&topicid=66573 it's said that i can print list horizontal, but why when i already set print order horizontal it still printed vertically? i put my list on Column Header
  7. Hi All, Do you know how to print subreport horizontally? cause i tried to set printOrder = "Horizontal" but the value still printed vertically, whats wrong with this? Thanks
  8. Hi thanks before, but i still cant stretch the column dynamically. my data its so dynamic it can shrink and grow anytimes.
  9. Hi All Ireport Development Team, Whats wrong with this? can u more collaborate with us? helping us, we are using your tools and i think ireport is so good to create many things with report, but i need the solution for this, if it's some bug or under your crosstab development roadmap why dont u tell us about this? we need some information with this things. Thanks and regards, Faisal
  10. Hi kchaudhry, No, when i right click on crosstab element there is no "crosstab properties" menu, i only have crosstab properties menu on the right side of the panel, but in that properties there is no menu that you mentioned before. Thanks
  11. I'm using ireport 3.5.3, i only have this menu for crosstab properties: - Repeat Column Headers - Repeat Row Headers - Column Break Offset - Ignore Width Property - Run Direction - Parameters Map Expression I also put my crosstab inside Summary Band Thanks, Faisal
  12. Which ireport version that u use? where is the menu for this: "row and column groups > print the group header at this position > Center or Stretch" I cant find that menu in my crosstab properties
  13. Hi All, Why no one replied my question? is this some kind of limitation of ireport? really need this help Thanks, Faisal
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