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  1. Hi, I need to keep full text in my textField. The text could be long. my element: <textField isStretchWithOverflow="true" isBlankWhenNull="true"> <reportElement style="detail" stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject" x="417" y="0" width="138" height="110" isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true"> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.print.keep.full.text" value="true"/> </reportElement> <textElement/> <textFieldExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA[$F{UWAGI}]]></textFieldExpression> </textField> When I export it to xls, first view shows a part of text, rest is hidden, but all text is remaining. When I export to pdf , element's height strecht around twice but still it's just a part of full text, about 260-300 characters. Any ideas? I'll be grateful for any help. M.W.
  2. properties-->stretch with owerflow-->true it wasn't enough But Christina's way do what I expected. Thank you !
  3. Hello I prepared some .jrxml file.. and export it to .xls And I'm losing some part of data which sometimes can be longer then field I prepared. Is it possible to omitt this sutuation? I would like to have ALWAYS ALL data. They can be hide .. and be shown after I slide column How can get it? its very important so please any ideas..
  4. Ok I've got it. You need to set a flag. If this flag is not set, the nearest color from the standard XLS palette is chosen for a report color. If the flag is set, the nearest not yet modified color from the palette is chosen and modified to exactly match the report color. So this is solution: exporterXLS.setParameter(JExcelApiExporterParameter.CREATE_CUSTOM_PALETTE, true);
  5. Hi, Do you know why I get different color after xls export? I need to get color RGB (222,231,247) instaned of it I get RGB(204,204,255). It doesn't work just for xls, for PDF, TXT etc it is ok. why? how can I prevent it?
  6. I had similar problem, and I didn't find a straight solution. I made a couple single reports and then copied them to one new xls document, one report for one sheet. I used a jxls library which has method importSheet. Hope it helps you.
  7. Is it possible to create an Excel document (.xls) which includes several sheets using iReport? Each sheet needs to contain a unique report. (I know POI supports multiple sheets, so it should be possible) How can this be done?
  8. Ok I've got it.. new java.sql.Timestamp Timestamp(long) now it's ok. now I got veriable Timestamp so it's no problem to add 2 hours :)
  9. Hi, there is a constructor Timestamp(long) which I can't use. I get error: "Timestamp cannot be resolved to a type" of course my field is java.sql.Timestamp. I tried also new Timestamp(109,10,10,20,20,20,0) this alsow fail. any help? Or do you konw how to add some time (example 2hours) to Timestamp field ??? please, I really need it :)
  10. Hi, In my DB2 database I've got timeStamp in neutral Time Zone GMT, But for reports I need my local time.., now (in summer time) I need 2 hour more then GMT... How can I synchronize them? Please for answer :)
  11. Is there any way to make size for html or pdf different ?? there are atrributes pdfencoding, pdffontname, I need pdffontsize :) (when I use Arial 8, pdf is OK, but html preview is too small) any idea?
  12. I know, I' ve got group band.. group header and then detail band. I would like to have field (which is a group header) IN detail band. not above. I need something to unite fields.. Anyway thanks for reply
  13. Hi, I would like to know how to unite fields in detail band. I've got a group (by some nummber) and I wannt to have something like group header, but on detail band (not above!) I would be gratefull for any help.. Post Edited by mmww at 10/02/2009 13:18
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