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  1. Hi! Currently we are using Jasper Server CE 3.7 on oracle with Tomcat. The name of the database is jasperserver. Now we want to have another Jasper Server on oracle with different Database name i.e. myreports and on different Tomcat. On both Tomcats, JasperServer is running with jasperserver database. But with new database i.e. myreports, its problematic. I've made changes in Meta-Inf, Web-Inf and Catalina home. But in vain. Can anyone please help. Thanks. AsadUllah.
  2. Well! The work done. I'm using JasperServer to view reports. Now what happens that a very long and odd Stack Trace is printed on the screen. Is there any way to remove this track and print own message? Thanks Lucian. Asad. Post Edited by hussainian at 03/07/2010 11:30 AM
  3. One way I'm doing it is using a function in PrintWhenExpression of all bands. This function in the scriptlet performs the logical part and returns TRUE or FALSE. So if the function returns TRUE, the bands are printed and if FALSE the report seems to be blank white page. Though this solves the problem, but it seems illogical to go through all the report generation process even for the case when the report is not meant to be displayed. So is their any way we can stop the generation process in the start? Thanks. AsadUllah.
  4. Hi! Can we prevent a report to be generated from Scriptlet's beforeReportInit or afterReportInit methods? Thanks. AsadUllah.
  5. You can send a parameter to the report using it in Print When Expression of the detail section.
  6. Hi! 1. I'm setting a variable in Report Scriptlet which is displayed in the page header. When I set the variable value in afterReportInit method, the variable is only shown on first page and null on the remaining. When I set the variable in beforeReportInit method, it is shown on all pages except first. And when I set it in afterPageInit, it is shown on all the pages. Can anyone please describe why do afterReportInit and beforePageInit not print on whole report? 2 I've a group in my report with both header and footer. In the case when the group's footer band is displayed on the first line of a page (group's header and all detail on the previous page), the above mentioned variable is not displayed (null) in the page header. Why is it so and how to counter this problem? I've tried putting variable setting statements in different methods. Putting these statements in Detail or Group related methods raises the "maximum open cursors exceeded" exception. Muhammad AsadUllah.
  7. Hi! There are two functions in Scriptlet class i.e. beforeDetailEval() and afterDetailEval(), which as their names describe are called before and after evaluation of Detail band. Is there any function which is called or may be called during the evaluation of detail band. I mean after every single row evaluation. I've a scenario. Lets assume a report End Date Days Remaining Query: Select EndDate from table. Now at every row's evaluation, calculation will be performed that will calculate Days Remaining like Days Remaining=EndDate-(Select CurrentDate from table2) Though this task can be easily performed using query select t1.EndDate, (Select t1.EndDate-t2.CurrentDate from table2 t2) DaysRemaining from table1 t1 But I've some real complex calculations in real which all cant be done on query level. Thanks.
  8. Hi! Kindly tell me how does JasperServer do connection pooling, what is the maximum size of the pool and how can it be increrased. Thanks. Asad.
  9. Hi! Kindly tell me how does JasperServer do connection pooling, what is the maximum size of the pool and how can it be increrased. Thanks. Asad. Post Edited by hussainian at 17/05/2010 03:19 PM
  10. Hi! I want to dynamically change the foreColor of a field based upon the value of the field. For example, a field from the query is STATUS. I want that STATUS to be displayed in color RED when its value is 'V' and the forecolor must be Black when the value is 'O'. Please guide me. Can properties expression do this? Thanks. AsadUllah.
  11. Hi! I'm using JasperServer 3.7. I created a role Test and assigned it to a user say XYZ. Then I assigned Administer Access for all the folders under root. But whenever Iogon to JasperServer with that user XYZ, I get message THE USE HAS NO ACCESS TO THIS PAGE. How can I give access to the role Test? Regards. AsadULLAH.
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