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  1. Changed Assigned User from @User_306070 to @anonymous I think this bug can be connected to #3781 - maybe close this one - Jasperstudio just crashes randomly in Ubuntu 14.04 64bit / Java Hotspot
  2. Changed Assigned User from - to @User_306070 this works in windows but not in ubuntu 14.04
  3. in webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/flows/reportDataSourceBeans.xml edit this line: <entry key="dbName"> <value><![CDATA[^[p{L}p{M}p{N}s.,-}{]+$]]></value> </entry>[/code]to: <entry key="dbName"><value><![CDATA[^[p{L}p{M}p{N}p{Pc}s.,-}{]+$]]></value> </entry>[/code] you can do this with the other entries in the same area in this file as well: * dbHost * sName * .. After editing this - I could enter in the database name, though there is another bug with autocompleting the database url. For this you probably should edit some java code. Workaround: configure a JNDI Datasource: http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/data-source-troubleshooting
  4. never had this problem. Is the mysql server on a windows operating system. if you connect from your client ussing mysql - do you get the correct umlaute? further question - since in mysql each column can have its own encoding can you post the output for the column that causes the trouble? "SHOW CHARACTER SET FOR mydatabase.mytable.mycolumn;"
  5. thanks for all the answers and the fixing! I do unterstand now - "Link" makes sense - but as mdahlman comments - I get the same error message (http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/2743) - the fixed version will be Jaspersoft Studio 2.0.1? - or is there a repository where I can get daily builds?
  6. I think this function is not implemented in JasperReports Server CE
  7. Actually this will lead to a new "Input Control" - but I would like to reuse an existing Input Control - "Link an existing input control" from somewhere else in the resource tree in JasperServer. Is this possible?
  8. in iReport it easy to link an existing Input control (Folder Input controls in Report Unit) - right mouse - "Link an existing input control" Is this as easy in Jaspersoft Studio possible - I couldn't find the context-menu in the Report Unit.
  9. Would be great to see Saiku instead of JPivot in Jasper. Saiku is now in version 2.4 - they changed there license zu Apache License V2. There is a thread discussing this: http://ask.analytical-labs.com/questions/1077/saiku-on-jasperserver-ce
  10. not absolutly secure but working: http://secondwebserver:8080/jasperserver/flow.html?_flowId=viewReportFlow&standAlone=true&_flowId=viewReportFlow&ParentFolderUri=%2FFoldername&reportUnit=%2FFoldername%2FReportname&j_username=admin&j_password=xyz You can get the URL by surfing in Jasperserver to the right report and adding to the URL the username and password with &j_username=admin&j_password=xyz Username and Password must be stored in PHP and dynamically created for each user.
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