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  1. andrewsok Wrote: Not working sample datasources does not sound right.. Few questions on it: 1) Do you have FOODMART and SUGARCRM schemas created and populated with data? 2) Did you make sure JNDI datasources "foodmart" and "sugarcrm" are set up properly (driver, url. user name and password)? 3) Did you make sure JDBC datasources (repository path /Data Sources and /Analysis Components/Analysis Data Sources) are set up properly? You should be able to enter Edit mode, click Test Connection and see Test successful Yes to all of the questions above. Maybe I wasn't clear in what I stated. The data sources all worked properly and the domains all worked properly. However, if I wanted to create a new domain using any data source it will not work when you initially logon and there is a proxy server redirect. If I hit the server directly with no proxy then everything appears to work fine but once the proxy is there then I get the NullPointerException. I've talked with other groups where I work and they all just hit the server directly. It is possible we have a setting wrong somewhere but we are just doing some port forwarding now to get around this issue.
  2. We also realized that all the defined data sources that come with the eval version are not working either. So we don't think it is a Oracle specifc issue. After looking through the stack we saw " at $Proxy17.resume(Unknown Source)". It appears that maybe the proxy is messing us up. A co-worker was able to by-pass the proxy and it appeared to work. So now we have to investigate this piece of it. Thanks again for the response. Hopefully this will help others that may face the same issue. -Sean
  3. andrewsok Wrote: Could you attach the stack trace from your log, please? Do you have Recycle Bin option enabled in your Oracle, and if so, could you make sure you have exclude filter for BIN$** tables in jdbcMetaConfiguration bean of applicationContext-semanticLayer.xml configuration file? Do you use synonyms? Oralce driver does not show columns by default for synonym tables, this issue will be fixed in next release of JasperServer Pro (coming soon). Hi, Thanks so much for the response. The second attachment is the stack trace associated with the error we are receiving. Yes, we have the Recycle Bin option in place for Oracle. The first attachment is a snipet of the config you referenced which shows that the BIN filter is in place. We use synonyms but not for the schema I selected. I selected the schema that owns the tables.
  4. We have completely reinstalled it and redid the point to Oracle. We have the same problem but we did find an error in the log. java.lang.NullPointerException at com.jaspersoft.ji.semantic.action I've seen other posts that had the same issue with tables not showing up during domain creation but those never receiced any response either. -Sean
  5. Hi, New here and currently using the evaluation version of JasperServer I have successfully created a new DataSource using JDBC pointing to Oracle. I try and create a new domain and Launch the Domain Designer. In that I select the new data source and I am able to select the appropriate schema from the list. I proceed to close the Manage Data Source window and the icon in the Choose tables frame appears to be working but then showing nothing. Am I missing something here? I assume that since I am able to pick the Oracle schema that that JDBC connection is working. Maybe in the eval version you can't do this. Can anyone please help. Thanks. -Sean
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