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  1. Got it working now by modding the session handler code. The report example is not as good as I expected, I thought it would be the same as when executing a report from the JS admin area. The paging is poor with just a next/previous button that will error if pressed on first or last page. Thanks for the help anyway.
  2. Ok, I've unpacked the example again and checked phpinfo() page which is showing register globals and long arrays on. Where is the apache config file? It might be worth trying turning it on in there.
  3. Ok, I've not got the example to display me the login page. However, when I try my details in, the form posts to itself, but has no error or message. There are some undefined vars in the error_log. I think it's a register_globals issue but I have this enabled in php.ini and also the two lines you gave me, can these go anywhere in the php.ini? For example I have: register_globals = On php_flag register_globals on php_flag register_long_arrays on Edit: I also have: register_long_arrays = on I have even tried replacing all instances of 'HTTP_*_VARS' with _POST/_GET/_SESSION which still does not work... if my JasperServer URI is incorrect I do get the error, however when it is correct, the page just posts back to itself as if it hadn't picked up any of the post vars. Post edited by: the478guy, at: 2008/06/09 15:23
  4. Thanks for the replies, How did you get the php sample working, what settings are required in the php.ini? I've downloaded the PEAR SOAP library but the sample still won't run. Thanks Chris
  5. I'm trying to run a report with PHP, the PHP sample included does not work on my server. I'm using NuSOAP for PHP. What are the parameters that need to be sent to the runReport service to run a basic report? Where can I find this information, the web services guide is not clear about this. Regards, Chris
  6. Fixed it and installed. Thanks for the help. Looked in the logs and found that the mysql binaries location was wrong, even though the installer accepted the one I was entering, and woulnd't accept apart from the real location.
  7. Thankyou for your reply, Yes I already have MySQL installed and running perfectly. I select the option to use my existing MySQL and then it asks for the IP, Port, Username and Password. I enter this information and then it gives me the error saying could not connect/login. I have verified all of my info is correct, and I have tried the following for the IP:,, xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (server internet ip). The MySQL server is fully operational I am using it as we speak.
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to install JasperServer 2.1 on a GNU/Linux machine. My server already has MySQL setup and working, when I run the JS .bin file, it gets to the point where it asks for database info, but then says Code:Error: Unable to connect to database Please check your configuration. All of the details (user/pass/ip/port) are correct. Any ideas?
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