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  1. Hi, it seems that after the word 'zuruck' you put these two characters: backslash-n-backslash-r. I think that the backslashes are not shown in your post because of forum-related issues but you meant them to be there. So I think the problem is: 1) The word 'zuruck' reaches the end of its line 2) JasperReports concludes that there is no room in that line so the next word has to be in the next line (just as Microsoft Word does). 3) The next word is backslash-n-backslash-r (a line break), so in the line after the one with 'zuruck' JasperReports writes a line break 4) As a result, a blank line is added I'm just theorizing, by the way, so make some tests to confirm. Post edited by: juandiego, at: 2007/11/08 07:14
  2. Hi, here is the situation: - I create a plain report and put a textfield in it. - Set the textfield "Stretch with overflow" property to Yes. - Textfield height is 20 and font size is 10 - Set the textfield expression to "1n2n3" - Save and export to pdf from iReport Result: I get a pdf with two pages. In the first page I can see numbers 1, 2 and 3, one per line, so it seems that the textfield stretched correctly. The second page is empty. Where did that second page come from? How can i get rid of it? Tested in iReport 2.0.2 and 1.3.3
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