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  1. Hello, I need some help please on rounding a field. I an reporting on an Access database numeric field. It is BigDecimal. I do not know Java and am attempting to use the "round( java.math.MathContext ) java.math.BigDecimal" FUNCTION in the Expression Editor. I have tried several different functions and am getting the same 'syntax error on token ";". Delete this token' error message on all the functions I try. Obviously there is something basic I am doing wrong. Here is my Expr Editor code: $V{Margin_Sum}.round( java.math.MathContext ); The expression successfully validates, but when I execute the report, it gets the above error. Please, what do I need to know here? Thank you very much in advance! Jody :)
  2. Bonjour! I am just starting to work with a Crosstab report. When it is generated, 40+ blank pages print, then finally the crosstab prints at the bottom. OK - found out about setting band heights = 0 to exclude those bands causing the extra pages. My question is, for crosstabs, is there a way for this to automatically happen? To have to change other band properties to 0 each time a new crosstab is generated, seems like extra work. Have I missed something in the crosstab discussion? Thank you very much for any help on this subject. Regards, Jody
  3. Please move this to the iReport forum. I accidentally posted under the JasperReport forum....thanks! jw
  4. Hi, I am relatively new to iReport. Attempting to create a crosstab and am getting an 'error incrementing crosstab dataset' message. I know it is related to Banding. The posted link to resolution of this error is no longer available. How do I change the banding to resolve this error? Thanks much, jwilhelm
  5. Hi, Giulio. I just received the Definitive Guide and am trying to access Northwind and do the steps in the Guide. I followed the threads from some other forum users, and downloaded the 'butler' code from SourceForge as suggested by someone. See the northwind.script under my path C:Jasperbutler-0.6.1demonorthwindsql, but am not sure what to do at this point. Can you help please? Thank you. Sincerely, Jody Wilhelm
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