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  1. This question is so basic I can't find anything on it. I have an Eclipse RCP application that uses JasperReports. The RCP plug-in exports as a .jar file that includes the .jasper files in an internal /reports directory. All works fine. Now, I want to have a logo (image) in my report header and include a master report with subreports. My questions are 1) is the image compiled in the .jasper file or do I have to make it available in the RCP plug-in? 2) are the subreports compiled in the master report .jasper file or do I need to include the subreport .jasper files? 3) if I need to include the subreport .jasper files (in the .jar's /reports directory), how to point to them? Thanks for your time on this matter!
  2. See this tutorial to get you started. http://eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t53387.html Hope that helps!
  3. JasperReports can access any database with JDBC support.
  4. I've had a similar problem. I found that placing each subreport in an elementGroup fixed it, at least for my application. Hope that helps!
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