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  1. :blush: I figured it out - seems like my groups were not in the proper order :blush:
  2. I have a query with multiple select statements joined by a Union I am trying to group on one of the fields, yet jasper reports is not performing the group - it repeats the group footer with each and every row returned from the first select statement. the remaining 4 select statements are not being printed at all.
  3. I define a variable (menu option view --> variables --> New) - the variable creation screen allows you to select sum as the calculation type (right side of box). You will need to define the variable as an Integer, Double, or BigDecimal as appropriate. Reset type defines when the variable gets reset (when the grouping changes or for the entire report). Say you have a report that needs a sum of transactions for cashiers - create a cashier group (which gives you the bands for cashier header and footer), then create a variable that does a sum reset by group - group is cashier). Menu screens in 1.2.6 for creating a group is View --> Report Groups. For Variables it is View --> variables.
  4. I have a couple of questions - Is $F{postdate} stored in the database as a date value or as a string? If it is stored as a date, you can use the text field screen the pattern box to format as mm/dd/yyyy. Most of the formats that are brought up with the create button are dd/MM/yyyy - after selecting the format, I change it to MM/dd/yyyy without any issues :) If it is stored as a string you can either use a Java expression to convert to date then display or use Java substring parsing to do the same.
  5. try $F{Field}.equalsIgnoreCase("U") instead. At least thats the way I have successfully using it. Shouldn't make any difference, but it just might ;)
  6. When I use the F3 key to convert a Static Text to Text Field the line spacing is set to single - This causes failures during compile - the compile is expecting Single (note case change on first letter). Is this a BUG? - or an undocumented feature to get iReports users better in using text editors?
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