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  1. We have a subreport with two bands. One contains a chart, which is optionally printed, depending on the value of a parameter which is checked in the band properties. The second band contains two crosstabs, only one of which is printed, depending on the value of another parameter. The subreport was behaving correctly when the jrxml file was generated with iReport 1.2.6. After upgrading to 1.2.7, we discovered that in the case where the chart was not to be printed, the entire subreport produced nothing (no crosstab output). The only differences between the 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 jrxml files were the chart legend properties introduced in 1.2.7. I manually edited out those properties in the jrxml file and the subreport behaved as it did in 1.2.6. Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve
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