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  1. I am using mysql db and tried to associate a report query to a stored proc in the db and it didn't work. For example, in the associate query i simply put call sp_something ($P!{1}, $P!{2}) The SP run fine and the parameter were fine too. However, the results threw Jasper exception in the log window. Any clues folks? Thanks in advance, Shankar
  2. Using ireport 1.2.6. Assume i have created a parameter TABLE (has a default value and is promptable) and then when i try to create a groovy text expression parameter, say DYANAMIC such as below, and compile the report with "select f1, f2 from " + P{TABLE} I get an error: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Too many groovy classes were generated. Please make sure that you don't use Groovy features such as closures that are not supported by this report compiler. Is this possible or not? thanks, Shankar
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