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  1. I am using iReport 2.0. How can I change the default font/font size of iReport? At present it is Sans Sarif and the size is 10. I would like to use Arial as my default font. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am using jasper server for last of couple of weeks. Would like to know if it is possible to run/test(to make sure its working) an input control (Single-Select Query) individually ? Without adding to a report ? I have jasper server plugin also. :) Thanks in advance. Post edited by: urwithsibs, at: 2007/08/28 21:04 Post edited by: urwithsibs, at: 2007/08/28 21:08
  3. Thanks. It worked with notepad. Can you suggest a good editor to edit JRXML file ? Anything free is always good :P .
  4. I have just started using iReport. Here in this forum, I see people post their problem with their JRXML source code. How do you get to see the source code of a report? Or How do you edit /have accesss to the source code of your own report?
  5. 1.I am using two columns( U and C) as my crosstab's row group 2. I would like to hide the column U while generating the report. 3. I have set the crosstab >U header cell properties > column width > to 0. Now, it does not display the value of the column U. But it takes the column space in the report. Looking forward for some help. Thanks
  6. 1) I am using a parameter called $P{Term} for the main report query. My sql expression is: SELECT term, gender_name FROM table WHERE term = $P{Term} GROUP BY term, gender_name 2) I am using multiple cross tabs and would like to use subdatasets. I need to pass the same parameter($P{Term}) to the subdataset. I am not sure how do I do that ?. My sql expression for the subdataset is: SELECT term, class_level FROM table WHERE term = $P{Term} AND class_level ='X' GROUP BY term, class_level Note: I tried to add the parameter)$P{Term}) to the cross tab by..a) right clicking on the crosstab b) cross tab properties c) under sub dataset properties > parameters tab d) clicked on add e) selected $P{Term} as default expression and name 'term' But it does not recognize the parameter....says unknown parameter 'term' Please help me on this. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for your input. I have figured out how to make it work. Actually by database was too big. Thanks again.
  8. I would really appreciate any help on this issue. I have just started using Jasper Server and would like to pupulate an input control with a sql query. I am using input control with 'Single-select query' data source: /(name of the date source) [tried with 'None' option also on Data source page] [under query prompt used the sql query 'SELECT (name of the column) FROM (name of the table)But it is throwing me an error. "java.lang.Exception: 1 - java.sql.SQLException: No data found at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.irplugin.wsclient.WSClient.get(WSClient.java:263) ................"Thanks.
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