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  1. How can I add some information, such as today’s date, login username…to the OLAP view?
  2. Yes, it is an input control that pops up to run the report. I created a parameter called from_date and I want it shows yesterday's date when the input control pops up. Of course I can change it to any date if I want. Here is what I did: I right click on the from_date parameter and then select "Edit", so the "Add/modify parameter" dialog box appears. Than I choose "java.util.Date" for "Parameter Class Type" and put "new Date(new Date().getTime()-1000*60*60*24)" in "Default Value Expression" section. I found that no matter what I put in the "Default Value Expression" section, even left it blank, the default pop up value is always today's date.
  3. I am trying to set default date as yesterday's date for a Date parameter, which is a java.util.Date type. I put the following expression in the "Default Value Expression" section: new Date((new Date()).getTime()-24*60*60*1000) But I still got today"s date as default value. Any ideas? Thanks, Sue
  4. Try it without the nameColumn attribute. I had the some problem before and I solved it by removing the nameColumn attribute.
  5. I would like to provide date inputs to the users, so that they can enter a date range, for example from 12/5/2008 to 1/15/2009, to run an Analysis View. This way the users do not have to select all the dates from the cube. How can I do this? Thanks in advance. Sue
  6. A group of my users want to extract the data from my Analysis Views into Excel file and then input them for other programs. So they prefer simple Excel files with minimal formatting. For example, no merged cells for the column headings, no color shading of cells, and no boldface text. They also don’t want the lines that read "Dimensions†and "Measures". How can I remove the formats? Thanks.
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