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  1. ok, we did it ;) in the end i don't really know what was the correct step to make the reports equal in windows and linux, first we installed windows true type fonts on linux (verdana, arial, times new roman..etc..) i don't remember which rpm we installed, but it was a simple google search... only this didn't help, so (after installing 3 different packages of "windows fonts") we also discovered there were some fonts on our java instalation directory, probably java was using these by default, after erasing them reports were OK and looked like windows generated ones ;) thanks for all the hints here in the forum :) João Taborda
  2. i'm having the same problem.... some titles in my reports get truncated, some report return more pages in linux than in windows...and some line spaces are bigger... does any one already found the reason for this to happen? and how to fix it? best regards, João Taborda Post edited by: taborda, at: 2008/07/03 14:31
  3. thanks, i felt really stupid with my question!... i never understood what was that flag for... thanks, and sorry for this silly question :blush: best regards, João Taborda
  4. i'm using jasperreports 2.0.5 if that matters ;) and the result i got from the report of the post before is attached to this one ;) hope someone help me, or at least explains what's the reason for this to happen, i can't really find it out : [file name=testSplit.pdf size=8458]
  5. Hi, i can't understand why this happen, i'm trying to make a report with 4 straight textFields that can be splited.. i set the "detail" area to Allow split but, when the split occurs, for example, at the third textfield, the first two are repeated in the next page, i can't figure out why this happen, and if there is a way to avoid it an example is attached to the message and i will try to explain it better with "drawings" ;) |---- FIELD 1 -----| |---- FIELD 2 -----| |---- FIELD 3 ------ ----- FIELD 3 ------ ----- FIELD 3 ------ ************************ PAGE ENDS |---- FIELD 1 -----| |---- FIELD 2 -----| ----- FIELD 3 ------ ----- FIELD 3 -----| |---- FIELD 4 -----| i don't want the two red fields repeated in the second page..i need to have the section splited in the middle of the 3rd field, and to continue without repeating, is this possible?.. how? you can check a simple example as attachment, [file name=testSplit.jrxml size=6379] thanks in advance, best regards, João Taborda
  6. Thanks again for this answer :)... i checked the license (before i had just believe what someone told me about it) and if i don't change the JR library (jar) then it's not illegal to use it in a commercial product.. i will now try to implement this class to register times of filling of diferent reports and will let you know out it worked :).. thanks for the tips about how to start this... best regards, keep the good work :) João Taborda
  7. :D thanks Lucian, i think that's exactly what i need... now i have two more question about this subject first one is a legal one: I'm using jasperreport as a tool to generate reports in a commercial program... i know jasperreport have a peculiar license about changing code for commercial use... is this considered changing?.. i think not, since is just "extending" a class... can someone confirm it? second one: i still need to understand how to make jasper call my new JRSubreportRunner implementation instead of the default one (don't bother to answer if this is really a stupid question, i still didn't look for it and i think it will be easy to find the answer :D thanks very much, hope someone can enlight me about the "legal" question, João Taborda
  8. thanks for the reply... but maybe i didn't explain correctly, i need the time to fill each subreport not the master report, that one i already have but i need to now which section (sub-report) is taking longer... all the master and sub reports are pre-compiled using iReport and i don't care how long they take to compile, just need the filling/print time... thanks anyway, and i will look to the examples again.. hope i made my self clear now :) if someone can help, thanks in advance, João Taborda
  9. Hi, I have a report that is divided in more than 40 sub reports, i need a way of finding out how much time each of the subreport is taking to run. Is there any native way to discover this time with jasper reports? or do i need to implement some method?.. any clue or advice any of you can give me? thanks in advance, João Taborda Post edited by: taborda, at: 2008/04/08 09:51
  10. hi, i'm having the same problem, can you explain a little bit better?... i couldn't find a class with that name... i'm really in troubles with that error... please, someone, help me :)
  11. Hi, how can i disable output debug when calling JRXmlLoader.load(name+".jrxml"); anyone knows?... thanks in advance, best regards, João Taborda
  12. hi, just a simple question, that i can't find the answer :s.. how can i disable (or hide) the DEBUG output? Code: DEBUG: [FactoryCreateRule]{jasperReport/detail/band/textField/textElement/font} Pop net.sf.jasperreports.engine.design.JRDesignTextField DEBUG: ignorableWhitespace( ) DEBUG: endElement(,,textElement) DEBUG: match='jasperReport/detail/band/textField/textElement' DEBUG: bodyText='' DEBUG: Fire body() for FactoryCreateRule[className=net.sf.jasperreports.engine.xml.JRTextElementFactory, attributeName=null, creationFactory=net.sf.jasperreports.engine.xml.JRTextElementFactory@2c17f7] DEBUG: Popping body text ''
  13. Hi, i need to set the resourceBundle property during the filling of my report... how can i do it?. without having to deal with java.util.ResourceBundle and Locale... i jst want to give the name of my resourcebundle files so jasper report can deal with the locale problem... is it possible? Code: <jasperReport name="Sales" pageWidth="2640" pageHeight="800" orientation="Landscape" whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" columnWidth="2640" leftMargin="0" rightMargin="0" topMargin="0" bottomMargin="0" resourceBundle="sales"> i wanted to change the propertie above but in a report already compiled (*.jasper) is it possible?..how?..someone knows? best regards, João Taborda
  14. does someone know how can i get this information? i can't analyse all the code :s... best regards, João Taborda
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