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  1. Hi! I need to use a variable instead of a parameter in the report query. My user enters $P{month} in form of mm/yyyy and I convert it to $V{from_date} and $V{to_date}, which I have to put into the SQL. Is this possible? Post edited by: alex_mendelev, at: 2007/04/17 16:01
  2. Hi! One of the flyers (flyer-jasper-analyse-en.pdf), mentions Jasper Cube Designer. Where one can be found? Thanks. Alex
  3. Hi, I don't think that using string type instead of date is acceptable solution - at least not for me. I managed to create a table containing date with JasperETL. In order to do that I removed the "length" value from MySQL schema. But - the data is not copied anyway, so I think it's a JasperETL bug in handling date fields in MySQL database. Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi Christophe, I have a similar problem: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(7) , `UPDATE_DATE` DATETIME (7) NOT NULL , `UPDATE_USER` DOUBLE (9,0) NOT NULL ' at line 8 at C:SoftwareJasperJasperETL-Win32-r1732-V1.1.1workspace.PerlTEST.job_Import1.pl line 454. My task is trying to copy a table from Oracle 9 to MySQL. I used schema export and import to synchronize the schemas. I think it looks like a bug. When I edited the schema and removed 'length' from two date fields, the task executed successfully, however, the dates were not copied to the target table. Cheers, Alex
  5. Hi! I am having the same problem. Does anybody have a workaround for this? Cheers, Alex
  6. Hi! It's OK now. The problem was caused by an old perl version. Alex
  7. Hi all, After ETL installation, trying to run a dummy test task, i get the following error: Can't locate Time/HiRes.pm in @INC ... I checked the perl installation and couldn't find Time/HiRes.pm there. Any ideas? Cheers, Alex
  8. Hi! In iReport, use "Print When Expression" property of the subreport Cheers, Alex
  9. I am trying to add a variable to the report. I have two fields in a query - DEBIT_BEFORE and CREDIT_BEFORE, and I need to subtract one from another. When I created a variable of type BigDecimal, and wrote for it an expression $F{DEBIT_BEFORE}.subtract($F{CREDIT_BEFORE}), I errors like: CannotÂcastÂfromÂBigDecimalÂtoÂString  valueÂ=Â(java.lang.String)(((java.math.BigDecimal)variable_BEGIN_BALANCE.getValue())); But I don't need to cast to String, since the variable is BigDecimal. It can be solved by creating a String variable with expression $F{DEBIT_BEFORE}.subtract($F{CREDIT_BEFORE}).toString(), but why is it necessary? Thanks in advance, Alex Post edited by: alex_mendelev, at: 2007/01/11 06:37
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