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  1. I can return records from subreports using HasMap, but I dont know how create report with needed pages number. Maybe somebody know?
  2. Hi, I have next problem: I have 2 subreports 1st: return time and integer value 2nd: return time and string value 1st subreport return this records 06.10.2006 3:41:56 PM; 1 06.10.2006 2:35:34 PM; 2 06.10.2006 3:47:09 PM; 3 06.10.2006 2:26:27 PM; 4 2nd subreport return this records 06.10.2006 2:30:56 PM; str1 06.10.2006 2:45:34 PM; str2 between data from subreports there are no ties I need create report which will contain this result: 06.10.2006 2:26:27 PM; 4 06.10.2006 2:30:56 PM; str1 06.10.2006 2:35:34 PM; 2 06.10.2006 2:45:34 PM; str2 06.10.2006 3:41:56 PM; 1 06.10.2006 3:47:09 PM; 3 Somebody have any idea how can I do this? Thanx in advance.
  3. No, I dont have problem. It was interesting to me, there is such opportunity or not. Thanks.
  4. about pagination for specific rows in table: you can use simple scriptlet Code:private Integer counter = 0; public String resetCounter() { return ""; } public String incCounter() { counter ++; return "" + counter; } and text fields with expression Code:[code](""+$P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET}.incCounter()) or (""+$P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET}.resetCounter()) -------- about colors of rows: you need create 2 text fields "($V{DBField})" with different colors and use parameter "print when expression" = "($V{COLUMN_COUNT}%2)==0" for 1st text field and "($V{COLUMN_COUNT}%2)==1" for 2nd text field
  5. "The document has no pages" - this message shows when your query has returned 0 records, maybe problem in query?
  6. Hi, can somebody tell me how to export report with images in html? problem: when I generate report in html - address of image file is wrong and image is not displayed. in report image expression = ("C:\image.gif") in HTML img src = "file:///C:/image.gifimg_0_0_0" And is there an opportunity to export all report in one html file together with images?
  7. 1. You need to make the following: -set left margin = 0 for subreport (Edit > Report properties > page margin), after do not forget to recompile subreport! -place subreport on main report with parameter left = 0 The rest I shall try to make later.
  8. Here to you an example: [file name=birth.jrxml size=2995]
  9. With flag “Stretch with overflow†text field will be stretched by height. I attach the JRXML sample with multiline and text stretch. This decision more simple, than to write a scriptlet Post edited by: Apolo, at: 2006/09/16 04:34
  10. I found resolution of problem: in variable var "Variable expression" must be "${var}" variable parameters: Code: Then all will work.
  11. I think what to change height of text field it possible to make by mean scriptlet. I create new post about this, maybe somebody can will answer.
  12. I have the same problem. Somebody know how to solve this problem?
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