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  1. Anyone has the solution to the problem?? Let me rephrase the problem just in case you do not understand it from my first post. I want to customize the width of the bars and its color. I have attached the sample chart that I am getting. As you can see, the bar is too wide and the color need to change to suit my application theme. I know I have to use a customizer. Can you tell me what renderer I should be using. I tried BarChartRenderer but it throws a class cast exception. I used LineAndShapeRender but I have no clue how to access the bar chart properties without affecting the line graph. Any hint would be of great help. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I have a multi-Axis chart with Y1 as Bar chart and Y2 as line chart. The chart is perfect except that I want to change few properties of the bar chart including color, width of the bar, etc. How can I write the customizer to do that. As of now, I have the following customizer. How can I change the properties of the Bar here? Code: Post Edited by sukirtha at 05/27/2010 13:42
  3. I am using DB2 UDB V9.1. The Driver class I use is com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver. I am not sure if it supports JDBC 4.0 Regards Sukirtha J
  4. Hi, I am try to create report with 1 million records. I tried execuitng the report using iReports. The time taken to execute is 39 minutes. I used JRFileVirtualizer. Next I tried executing the same report using a web application, running tomcat 6.0. The web application uses JSF 1.2. I am using JRSwapFIleVirtualizer. The report throws OutOfMemory Error. What can I do? Is the reporting time of 39 minutes normal? The query is too simple. It is a direct select from a single table. No joins. Please Help. Regards Sukirtha J
  5. Hi, I would like to know if the following feature is available in Jasper reports. Please check the attached layout before reading further. My report will have say some 10 columns. The columns 3 to 5 are related to each other (ex: employee salary details like basic, hra and gross). The next three columns (columns 6 to 8) are related to each other (ex: employee contact detail - address, email, phone) the rest of the details are some other details which may exist independantly. Now this report needs to pull the changes made to the employee details between two dates. So the report will list all the changes made to each and every employee grouping by say employee Id. Now here is how I want the report to look like. There can be multiple rows for an employee. If there are no changes made to the 2 sets of related columns, then the next row must leave those two sets empty with data shown for only the independent columns. If there is any change to even one of the column in a related set, then all the columns in that set should display data in the next row. See the screen shot for better clarity. Thanks in advance for your reply. [file name=screenshot.zip size=7676]
  6. Guess u forgot the attachment. What is the query that you use in your main report. If you are not using any query in main report, then you will get blank report as the main report does not have a datasource to iterate over. Can you please attach the file?
  7. Does that mean I will have to use subreports only :( that will impact my performance....
  8. Can a single JRXML contain two queries? I have a main report. In the main report I need to populate data using two different queries. I know we can do this using subreports as subreports may increase the processing time. Is there any other way to populate from two different datasources in a single jrxml. FYI, The bands that need to be populated are ColumnHeader band and Detail Band. Thanks.
  9. I made the changes you asked me to do and I am getting only the page header band in the report. The master report has no query and you're not sending any explicit data source either, so it won't have any data to iterate on. And since you have whenNoDataType="NoPages", an empty report will be produced. So does that mean my main report should definitely contain some datasource to provide an output. In my scenario, my main report is just a static template over which I place all the subreports. I am providing a query in the subreport jrxls. I did not post my subreport in my previos post so here it is: Code: Is the query in the subreport not enough to render the report??? The master report has no query and you're not sending any explicit data source either If I don't specify a query in the jrxml, can I specify it during runtime. That is, can my java code pass a query to jasper during runtime based on which the report will be filled. If yes can you let me know how? Passing database query at runtime to report I have posted the same question in the above URL. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi, I came to know that jasper allows sql query to be passed at runtime during report generation. However I could not obtain any sample to do the same. If any of you have an idea of how to this, please share it here. My requirement is as follows, Depending on the user's request, the query to be executed for a particular report will change. So I need to pass the sql query only during runtime. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Warm Regards, Sukirtha Joseph
  11. I also tried debugging. The value inside the JasperReport instance of the main report has a reference to the subreport inside the title band Whereas the JasperPrint has 0 pages within it. Could this be a layout problem. For your information, the Title band of the main report includes a sub-report which has nothing but static texts. This title should contain the report cover page details, which would be common for all the reports. So the layout will have the following structure. ReportHeader (pageHeader band of the main report) ReportCoverPage (A Subreport - placed in the title band of the main report) ReportData (A Subreport - Place in the Details band of the main report) FooterDetails (pageFooter band of the main report) Do you see any issues with layout itself?
  12. Hi Lucian, This is in continuation to the in-memory subreports access. I have used the quoted approach to accomodate in memory subreports. I have created a very basic report repository class. The class merely generates a JasperReport object for the requested report name. I tried generating a main report with two subreports directly under it. There are no exceptions thrown while running the report. The database has data but no report is generated. Only an empty file gets exported. I think there could be problem with the JasperReport to JasperPrint conversion. Here is the code in my ReportExporter Class: Code: Here is the ReportRepository class: Code: JRXML of the Main Report : Code: What am I missing here. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Sukirtha Joseph Post edited by: sukirtha, at: 2008/07/10 04:39
  13. I think that the problem is that you need to do mirrorDesign(elements, pageWidth - leftMargin - rightMargin) for all band elements.Perfect:) . It worked! Thank you lucian!
  14. No problem. I will try to implement a repository that suits my application. One last question. I mirrored the design object and I exported the report in RTF format. However the report's right margin gets cut automatically. Here is the code. DO you see any issues here. I reused the code snippet you gave. Your code works well for mirroring print object. Am I missing something for the design mirroring? Code: Please see the attached report rtf [file name=Report-ea7f551ac1e2c08afdb810859b926bf9.zip size=120353]
  15. So at any point in time there will be just one JasperReport instance per report. Am I right? DO you have any sample for report repository service? If yes, can you please share them here? If No, I would still like to thank you for all the help this far. I am now aware of what needs to be done to achieve most of the report specific requirements for my project. Once again a big THANK YOU! :)
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