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  1. Hi, I want to influence the formatting of dates in textfield externally either paramter or configuration value would be great. Does jusper support this feature?
  2. Hello, I have a text fied in which I want to print 2 $V's, one of them is Date and the other is string. I want to use JasperReports Date type text fields formatting in this textfield. So that for Date 01.01.1970 and Str "Name" I would get printed "01-01-1970 00 AM -- Name". The bad solution is to use 2 textfields, it is bad because it can overflow for long names and co... The better solution is to use 1 text fields with both variables inside of it - But here we have trouble with the formatting. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Thank you, Maxim
  3. Hello, Spec says <jasperReport> element default language is java but when I create a new blank page using iReports it sets the language to "groovy" instead of "java". Is this a bug?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to export a JasperPrint into 2 format first : HTML which should have no pagination in the reports, second PDF which should obviously have pagination enabled. I'm aiming at not fillwing the "same" report twice, thus avoiding the costly DB queries operation. My current (not optimal) solution is to use 2 seperate calls to the reporting framework, my code looks something like this: for(JasperReportType reportType : JasperReportType.values()) { if(reportType == JasperReportType.HTML || reportType == JasperReportType.HTML_ONLY || reportType == JasperReportType.CSV_SPECIAL_FORMAT) { jasperDesign.setIgnorePagination(true); } else { jasperDesign.setIgnorePagination(false); } JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile(jasperDesign, fsRoot + jasperFile + "-" + reportType + ".jasper"); } Later on I load the appropreate .jasper file and print it.
  5. Hello Guys, I would like to share with you a couple of posts I've made, while I'm learning a bit more about Jasper for our current project. I think that the demo folder is a great resource to learn how to work with Jasper but it lacks documentation that pin point important aspects in each demo. Thereof, I've written a post about this which index can be found here bytecoded.blogspot.com/2009/12/jasper-reports-demo-files-index.html So far I've managed to document only the subreport example which can be found here bytecoded.blogspot.com/2009/12/jasperreports-370demosamplessubreport.html I hope that this will be of use to anyone :). // Forum admins: if this post is considered inappropriate for the forum I would understand a deletion. Post Edited by hq4ever at 12/15/2009 12:10
  6. Hello lucianc, Thank you for the pointing this out. Is there some mode in which jasper could actually export the growing crosstab into a new page? The out marking requirement is for jasper to act as excel, meaning: You can select large area and then it would print the selection in several pages so that if you place them on the table once right to the other you will see that same information you have on the screen. Any ideas about such extension possibility? The question is relevant for "normal" text fields as well, say I wanted to created a page (size A4) but which takes more space. Can't jasper be development to just auto magically know to break my report into several pages in print? -- Cheers, Maxim Veksler "Free as in Freedom" - Do u GNU ?
  7. Hello Jasper Team, I would like to configure a report that will export to PDF, CSV, HTML. Inside the report I would like to print thinkgs like: | Col 1 | col 2 |...|col n| | val1 | val2 |...|val n| The "normal" page size of the report is A4, yet when exporting to HTML I don't want to have several HTML pages but instead a 1 long scrolling to the right page. As for PDF current jasper solution would be great. What can be doen to have this kind of behaviour from Jasper? Thank you, Maxim.
  8. teodord Wrote: Hi, Try <printWhenExpression> Boolean.valueOf($P{numTRCBugs},intValue() != 0) </printWhenExpression> I hope this helps. Teodor Note the comma, I believe that should be: <printWhenExpression> Boolean.valueOf($P{numTRCBugs}.intValue() != 0) </printWhenExpression>
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a way to make my reports more interactive. I would like to export an HTML where I will embedded my custom logic based on JS. How can I cause the HTML Exporter to write code directly into the outputed HTML, I've tried to do this with StaticText and it esacped my characters (avoiding xss). Thank you for the help, Maxim.
  10. Hello, We have in our system several reports that are built using plain JSP + JS (ajax). Basically the report is a table, which displays several entries while the number is clickable. The clickable number opens a small "box" on the same HTML page displaying the a detailed information about the number. I would like to convert these reports to Jasper. Can Jasper (3.5) do this? Does Jasper supports "interactivity" ? Where can I learn more information about this? Thank you, Maxim.
  11. Hello, Can you please elaborate on the meaning of these settings and their usage, for example in the graph demos. I'm not quite sure when these settings should be used and what is their effect on the end result. Thank you, Maxim.
  12. Hello, I'm evaluating the new version (3.5) of Jasper Reports. I'm comparing it with 1.3 version... I couldn't find answer to 2 question which I would appreciate help with : I have a several textfields ordered one after another (creating a form to the end user) if the text value inside one of the text fields overlaps it does not display fully in the text field. I've tried playing with strech, float and elemt hight but none give the expected result which is: Strech (and move all other elements to the buttom) to display the full text. I'm checking the possibility of creating reports using an API approach (instead of JRXML based) does jasper reports supports this working mode, is it a common practice, should I as jasperreports jar client take this approach or should I stick with JRXML's instead ? Thank you for helping, Maxim,
  13. Hello, I have a report template, I would like to eliminate some of the information when exporting to CSV but not from the HTML output - How can I do this with Jasper reports ?
  14. Hello, Can I upgrade from Jasper 1.3 to jasper 3.5 ? Where can I find the release notes, backwards compatability instructions ? Where can I find the installation instructions for Jasper 2.0.5 ? I'm interested in the dependencies. Thank you, Maxim.
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