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  1. I would like to have different output formats for different reports in a jasperserver environment. Some as HTML, some as PDF (most) and a few as CSV or XLS. I have read some links how to change .JSP pages. I will try that later on but I read you will miss some other functionality in de viewer. Would it be to much to ask for an extra property in the reportpage that lets you set the default format of the report? In jasperserver it could automatically add something like output=PDF or output=XLS when that property in the report is filled in. It feels a bit double to click twice when you when a report in a different format then HTML. Jeroen
  2. Default in jasperserver the report is run in HTML. Sometimes (in my case most of the times) you want to have the report executed in PDF or even XLS, CSV, ODT, ect. I found a solution to change the default behaviour but is there a way to set this in a "for each report seperate"-base. I place this message in the Jasperserver forum as I would expect to find such a feature in the properties in de server for a report. I imagine that a lot off people would have come across this question. Jeroen
  3. I assume you have the SUM in a footer-band of a group. There is a property named "Footer position" that should be normal. It can be on "force to bottom" what would explain the problem you are having ...
  4. Hello, I tried using an address instead of lon./lat in the map element. But that is not working. In google maps the website using something like "1st street, new york" it is working correctly. I make a report for a single client (chosen from many thousands) with the personal information for that client and I would like to present a small map in that report with the location of that client. But I have only the basic information (street, zip and city). Does anybody know of a way to realise that? Jeroen
  5. What you want is bursting ... I have bad experience with bursting and reporting tools because most tools just run a query x times. For each record once. That is nice when you have a small query but with a large and complex query the numbers add up quickly. I had a complex report which was taking 20 minutes to finish. When I enabled bursting for about 80 recipient it was really taking 20*80 is about 1600 minutes to finish (more or less). I know you can do a lot with caching but I did not investigate that. I searched for a different solution and found PDFBurst which did the job for me in 5 minutes after a little configuration and after the report had initially run with the data.So 25 minutes when it was setup instead of 1600. When you look on google you will find PDBBurst or many similar applications. I have used PDFSplit also in a similar situation. Good luck, Jeroen
  6. calculate days between both prompt dates and use in filter to prevent uses for more then 180 days or something like that. Jeroen
  7. Hello, I know this is an old post but I can not find the answer. Is it possible to make the default output use the pdf format? And if so, how can it be done. Thanks for any answer. Jeroen
  8. moz Wrote: It has been a while that I asked for this "report bursting" feature. Any news on this subject? I have seen some JAVA Code as a command-line tool and tried to develop something on my own with the help of a friend who is familiar with JAVA. Both workarounds were not perfect. The best thing I could imagine at the moment- we will need about 50-100 reports scheduled at about the end of month- was to schedule these using the web-interface of jasperserver and save the jobs with corresponding parameters while the report itself is always the same jrxml. Hello, You might want to take a look at http://www.pdfburst.com/. It lets you split one PDF files based on a tag that you have to put in your report (can be hidden) en sends a mail to every recipient. I used it to send one-time report to multiple recipients. It might do the trick for you. There is a similar commercial software but I can recall the name. Jeroen
  9. As far as I know there is no option for bursting in jasperreports. Please correct me when I am wrong. Greetings, Jroeterd
  10. I join tables all the time by dropping fields. I assume you are using Ireport. Go to Reportquery and then designer. Add the tables and drop the fields. Greetings, Jroeterd
  11. Hello, Good to hear you found it out. Mayby you can add the solution so other users with a simular problem can find it also. Greetings, Jroeterd
  12. Hello, I am using ireport on a CSV file and in this file a string (describtion) is present in capitals. I would like to have it presented with the first letter a capital and all other letters small. I found .toLowerCase but then the first letter is also small and it should be a capital letter. Greetings, Jroeterd Post edited by: jroeterd, at: 2007/11/11 18:17
  13. Can't you have a fake group with a header as big as the page and force a page-break. You put the fields in the first groupheader and the static text in the second. Greetings, Jroeterd
  14. Can't you have a fake group with a header as big as the page and force a page-break. You put the fields in the first groupheader and the static text in the second. Greetings, Jroeterd
  15. Hello, I had the same. In the classpaath I added the .jar files and no luck. Testing the datasource failed. After that I did the same in BIRT report designer and it worked. After that I tried it again with the same settings in Ireport and it worked also. I have no clue why. Greetings, Jroeterd
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