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  1. The answer is in your question: .. Nom d'objet 'DimCustomer' non valide. ..
  2. Hi Guys, Im new with JasperETL. My problem is about the oracle driver. After having launched ppm install DBD-Oracle I got what seems to be the Oracle 10g driver (CPAN: DBD-Oracle-1.17) installed but the DB I want to use is Oracle Is there a way from JasperETL or any config file to specify a driver that is compatible with my DB ? NOTES 1) I can connect, but if I specify a Schema I get the following error: Connection failure. You must change the Database Settings. Schema not present in Database 2) If I try to retrieve data with a tDBInput, I get: DBI connect('host=wblvh149;sid=intermed;port=1527','etlweb',...) failed: ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin) at D:javaJasperETL-Win32-r2064-V1.1.2workspace.PerlTALENDDEMOS.job_testETL.pl line 143 can't connect to database at D:javaJasperETL-Win32-r2064-V1.1.2workspace.PerlTALENDDEMOS.job_testETL.pl line 143. Nono
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