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    JasperReports Server and Jaspersoft OLAP FAQsThese Questions and Answers have been moved to their own pages to facilitate search and updates. What is the difference between JasperReports Server Community Edition and JasperReports Server Professional?I need to add validation to the parameters on a report, like make sure that one date is after another date. Or I need to customize the look and feel of the parametersWhat is this time zone on a data source? Why are the dates in my report off by a day?How do I embed JasperReports Server in my existing web application?Security between JasperReports Server and other applicationsHow do I customize the look and feel of JasperReports Server?How do I change the home page for users?
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  3. I have very strange problem when I try export report to xls. I have string field but mostly is something like that : 9780003751154. I can't make this field integer because i have for example : 9780003751154CD also...... In report everything is alright , but when I want to export to xls this report my field has 9.78E+12 format :/ I choose in export option (XLS EXPORTER) "Is detect cell type" but it doesn't work. How can I tell exporter is a string field ??
  4. let me put my query more clearly for better understanding Is there a way to hide a column based on the action made on the report?? for instance i am generating a report with say 5 columns, based on the users action say onclick of one button he would require to see only 3 columns , and again on another click u would require to see all the 5 columns I would prefer to implement it in one template that is in one jrxml file . so how would i hide the columns based on the action. say report has totally 5 columns say for example on action1 column1 column2 column3 will be vissible say for action2 column1 column2 column3 column4 column5 will be visible i tried getting the actiontype from the controller and have passed as a parameter to the jrxml file String viewname = "view1"; String reportaction = request.getParameter("type1"); i have put these viewname and action in map and used return new ModelAndView(viewname ,map) to return let me know whether i am going in the right flow?? in the jrxml file i have created a parameter say <parameter name="reportaction " isForPrompting="true" class="java.lang.Integer"> </parameter> and using print when expression how shd i use this parameter for the columns i want to hide based on the action . hope this explains clearly abt the problem.
  5. hi i am using iReport for generating Reports..but i don't know how to stop a page print using this iReport..please suggest me is this possible.
  6. hi i am using iReport for generating Reports..but i don't know how to stop a page print using this iReport..please suggest me is this possible.
  7. hi i am using iReport for generating Reports..but i don't know how to stop a page print using this iReport..please suggest me is this possible.
  8. hi everybody need urgent help i have jrxml file which produces jasper file using ireport tool . the end view is like i have some 5 columns now my requirement is i want to hide certain columns based on the users control. the user is provided with a list on on whose action some columns have to hidden since for that action performed by the user the column is not needed and this jrxml file is used for all the entire list of action . how do i control this ...please help me .. i each action is stored as say action=name&type1 this would repeat for the list of actions now how would i pass this to jrxml and view only the necessary columns only pls respond i tried with printWhenExpression not able to properly know how to use... sample code will be appreciated . thanks in advance
  9. Hi All, I need to use CSS file of our application for reports (for headers and footers in the report, to be precise). Using : Code:JRHtmlExporter exporter = new JRHtmlExporter(); exporter.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.JASPER_PRINT, jasperPrint); exporter.setParameter(JRExporterParameter.OUTPUT_WRITER, resp.getWriter()); exporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.IMAGES_MAP, imagesMap); exporter.setParameter(JRHtmlExporterParameter.HTML_HEADER, HTML_HEADER);
  10. Testing edit functionality Post Edited by Fathima Essentia at 09/04/08 08:44
  11. Hi When i set my report's page size to 269 orientation is changing to Lanscape? I need it in Portrait ?can anybody help me? Thanks
  12. Hi : I've created a bunch of reports in the last weeks, and now is time to organize the access and security to this info. I've created a couple of new accounts, and resctrict the access only to the reports folder. All the reports inside this folder have the "read only" permission for the ROLE_USER, Administer privilege only for the administrator role and none for the anonymous role. However, when i login with one of the new users with the ROLE_USER assigned, i can't execute any report, and i receive always the same error : Error Trace: org.acegisecurity.AccessDeniedException: Access is denied Right-clicking on the report, seems to be ok (read permission appears) but is impossible to execute any of them, even granting the "administer" permission to the ROLE_USER. Any ideas about this? Thanks in advance.
  13. I have a report which is based off a query. Now, for the fields in the report, I wanted to parse the fields, add Hyperlink with some parameters. Is it possible to dynamically add Hyperlink's for fields within a jasper report? Something like jrField.setHyperlink(...)??
  14. Hi everyone : We're trying to optimize some reports previously created, and we don't know if there is any more efficient way to handle the input date parameters. Currently, the date parameter is a string, with the format "DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS" and when the report is launched, the user must enter all this string. We're finding for some type of calendar controls to enter the date using the mouse, or any other more friendly method. Any suggestion about this will be very welcome. Thanks in advance !! Iván
  15. The post available at http://www.jasperforge.org/plugins/espforum/view.php?group_id=102&forumid=103&topicid=44117 was posted by me. But as u can see it shows invalid username. I don't know what is wrong with this forum. Am I the only person facing problems or others too have similar problems? I have lot of Jasper related question to be posted on the forum but unless this issue gets resolved, I will not be able to post anything :( . I have changed the browser from IE 6.0 to Firefox. Script errors don't come now but still, I get logged out automatically, I am unable to post a feedback, as there is no action happening on the click of submit button. Somebody Please Help!!!! Its really urgent. :( My old username is sukirtha My new username is sukirthaj
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