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  1. JasperReports Library

    6.21.0 | All packages files

  2. JasperReports Library

    6.21.2 | All package files

  3. Jaspersoft community edition

    Experience what you can do with Jaspersoft for free. Our community edition allows you to explore some of the most popular capabilities Jaspersoft offers. Built on an open source foundation, the community edition includes JasperReports Library and Jaspersoft Studio, allowing you to design, build, and export highly-formatted, pixel-perfect reports, in an array of file formats.

  4. Jaspersoft commercial edition

    Everything you need to design and deliver any report you need. Our commercial suite lets you design and deliver embedded analytics, reporting, and other data visualizations including pixel perfect reports, self-service ad hoc reports, and dashboards, quickly and efficiently, in any format. Plus, Jaspersoft commercial edition provides 24/7 customer support, secure multi-tenant management and protects you from legal liabilities and operational risks.

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