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    Jaspersoft Cassandra Connector in iReport

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    iReport does not ship with the Cassandra connector. You need to first install iReport and then install the connector.


    1. Download the Cassandra connector. This includes the plugin (CassandraPlugin-xxx.nbm).
    2. In iReport choose the menu Tools → Plugins.
      1. On the tab 'Downloaded' browse to the .nbm file then click 'Install'.
      2. Restart iReport and the connector will complete its installation.

    Define a Connection

    1. Click the button "Report Datasources" to define a new connection to Cassandra.


    2. Add a new datasource of type "Cassandra Connection"


    3. Set an appropriate url and test the connection


    Create a Report

    The simplest way for a new user to create a new report is with the Report Wizard.

    1. Choose any template and click "Launch Report Wizard".
    2. Set the report name and location.
    3. Create a CQL query to retrieve data.
      1. There is no visual query editor, so the button "Design query" is inactive.
      2. The Jaspersoft query language for Cassandra is documented here: CQL reference

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