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parameter and sql-in-clause of reportquery

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By: Giretzlehner René­ giri23

parameter and sql-in-clause of reportquery

2004-02-05 06:10



I want to use the in-clause of sql in my report-query with one parameter, which contains dynamically one or more values.


But the problem is, that this doesn?t work.



The report-query:




citybean_.name_ as name,

citybean_.postalCode_ as postcode,

citybean_.state_ as state,

citybean_.country_ as country,

citybean_.id_ as id,

citybean_.district_ as district




citybean_.district_ in ($P{districtVal});



Is there any possibility to define a parameter that can contain more than one value, which values are even preformatted for the in-clause eg.


$P{districtVal} containing string-values looks like: 'value1', 'value2'


the resulting in-clause in mysql looks like:


where citybean_.district_ in ('value1', 'value2')


$P{districtVal} containing int-values looks like: value1, value2

$P{districtVal} containing date-values looks like: '02.12.2003', '05.02.2004'



Or is there any other possibility to use a dynamic amount of values, that comes from a parameter, in the in-clause of sql.



thanks in advance,


Giretzlehner Rene






By: Giretzlehner René­ giri23

RE: parameter and sql-in-clause of reportquery

2004-02-06 02:08

I've solved the problem by myself by using





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