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iReport wishlist Jan 2004

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By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk
iReport wishlist Jan 2004
2004-01-29 11:04
Hey all,
Just thought to throw up some ideas. I've been trying to put in some time on my side to get this functionality working, but so I'm not a hog - sharing!

*Edit Window: REAL grid snaps
When you are designing the reports, especially for XLS and CSV reports, using the grid for laying out stuff is vital. Unfortunately, grid only works when you first draw a box - when you go to modify the box, it no longers snap to grid. Yes, you can use align and resize, but still would be nice!

*Edit Window: Grid by section
Have the grids locked by section (i.e. title,column header, detail, etc). This will solve issues related to resizing of sections after you have already snapped things to grid.

*Parameters - actually ask
If parameters are set to ask for input, have iReport actually ask for input when running a sample report and populate/fill with those parameters.

*JFreeChart - have it actually do something in iReport.

*New DataSource Window
Have a DataSource window, maybe with a tree or something like that, that shows your present DataSource and the sub-elements of that DataSource (aka the registered fields).

*New Variables Property Window
Nice property-type window that shows all the Variables defined. Maybe broken up by different types somehow.

*New Parameters Property Window
See above.

*Drag-n-drop of Fields/Variables/Parameters
From the nice property windows above, drag-n-drop to Edit window.

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