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subreport problem dirty solution?!


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By: Stefan Gí¹£í²©ng - bishop3337

subreport problem dirty solution?!

2003-03-19 07:16

hello again!

i had the problem that a subreport as last element in the detail group did not get the full place on the pages after the first one. the place the static elements take in the upper part of the detail group was exactly the place left free on the pages after the first. i didn't know how to assign the full place of the page for the subreport, so i just tried some options and settings i did/do not know what they really do :-P. a floating position in the properties dialog of the subreport didn't do the job, so i tried using the groups. i made another group around the detail group and placed the subreport in the footer of the new group. this does what i expected it to do, but i think its a dirty solution.

is there another ("clean") possibility to get rid of this problem?


i hope i did not forget some important thing in my explanation...








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: subreport problem dirty solution?!

2003-03-19 16:42

What you have doing is the right solution. This problem is frequent when you have more than one subreport, and in general when the detail height is more height than a page.

The solution is avoid the vertical expansion of detail band dividing it using "fake" groups.

Attention: with subreport I think that there is not problems, but in general the footer (not the head) is not resizable (don't streatcths with overflaw) ...

In the tips and triks page of jasperreports site is explained more in detail this problem and the sulution using groups.








By: Stefan Gí¹£í²©ng - bishop3337

RE: subreport problem dirty solution?!

2003-03-20 00:05

thanks giulio,

nice to know that i used the right method to do it by accident :-P

i'll take a look or two at the tips an tricks @ jasperreports.sf.net



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