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Out Of Memory Error

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By: lovish Durbha - lovish

Out Of Memory Error

2003-01-23 08:10

I have 1 main report and 2 sub reports in it while compiling it throws " out of memory error"


please help








By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Out Of Memory Error

2003-01-24 06:42




You mean when filling the report, not when



If it is about the filling process, then it might be

that the program enters an infinite loop.

The most probable cause for this is that you have

a subrepot that either has too large bands or it

is placed too low on the page in the master report,

or both.

If it is the case, then engine will try in vain to start

new pages in the master report hoping that the

subreport will fit on the next one. It enters an infinite

loop. This is rather a design/layout problem that

the library cannot check beforehand.

You sould try to verify this scenario. It might be

that simply removing the page margins in the subreport (you don't need them, do you) or split

the large bands using the tip proposed in the docs

might solve such problem.


I hope this helps.


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