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problem with sql queries

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By: Chalk S. Bareng - chalksb

problem with sql queries

2002-10-29 19:34

I cannot generate a report because according to the error message, my report has no pages. this is my SQL statement:








FROM cashierhist, beneficiary

WHERE cashierhist.txndate='10/30/2002' AND

(txncode=5001 OR txncode=5002) AND



But I tried running this query at my SQL Server Query Analyzer, and I got 14 records in my resultset, so therefore it is not due to a syntax error. I am just wondering why this exact same statement does not work with iReport.

I can successfully retrieve the columns for the wizard, and I can successfully generate the XML file, but when the time comes for viewing the pdf report, Acrobat Reader starts, but it does not load successfully because "This file cannot be opened because it has no pages".





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: problem with sql queries

2002-10-30 00:43

I don't have idea which it could be the problem.

I would make these tests:

1. try the query without the where clause

2. try to hardcode the query in the IReportCompiler.


Good look... :-)



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