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2004 IR Help


I am using ireport tool 3.7.0

I have a field name 'tran_date' which i will use as parameter to select those particular entries from a tran_date to a particular tran_date like from 01-09-2009 to 31-0-2010'. I also want to print the dates selected from tran_date to tran_date on the report.

I am unable to take two parameters with same name and also not able to impement this functionality ...

i even tried to give different parameter name, like select cust_name from details between tran_date=$P{tran_date}

and tran_date=$P{tran_date1}.

where cust_name is field and details is the table name.. please guide how to do it? As this feature is very much essential in all my reports to be generated.



By: Nobody/Anonymous - nobody
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2002-10-09 06:33
Welcome to Help
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